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Technical: One Keyword, Different Results

Why does one keyword give different search results? Have you ever Googled your ideal keyword, then asked a friend to do the same thing? Have you noticed that you’ve gotten different search results when you do that? What’s up [...]

Design opens the door to SEO

So, you already know that SEO is all about getting more traffic to your site. Fantastic. But once they're there, how do you create an experience that shows them that YOU are the one they have been looking for? [...]

Is Your Business SEO Ready?

Is getting great SEO one of your main business goals this year? Well, if you’re brand new to business, then maybe it shouldn’t be. Here’s what I mean: We fully believe that SEO is great for business (naturally), BUT [...]

Meet Sofia

Meet Sofia! At Clapping Dog Media, we’re here for good. We’re here for the long game, and we’re here to do good in the work we do every day. And the best part? By being a part of the [...]

2017: Year In Review

Friends, Happy New Year!! Are you all rested from a break over the holidays? We certainly are, and we’re back at it this week with our hearts full of excitement (and our tummies full of pie) for what 2018 [...]

Gifts that Give

Hi friends! We’ve had so much fun with our Season of Giving series! So far we’ve given three lucky winners gift packages but this week we’re focusing on something a little different. We’ve given gifts to you, our wonderful [...]

Season of Giving Week 3: Small Biz Bosses

Hello friends! Welcome to Claps for Christmas Giveaway Week 3! It has been SO much fun celebrating the season with all of you through our giveaway. So far, two of you have taken home the whole lot of goods [...]