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30 Minute SEO: Using Tailwind for Pinterest

Hello friends! We’re at the end of our 30 Minute SEO Series—this has been a popular series, and we LOVE hearing how these quick tips have helped you get on your way to great SEO without feeling overwhelmed. That’s [...]

30 Minute SEO: Site Structure

Hello friends! Welcome to our 2nd to last installment of 30 Minute SEO! We’re getting close to wrapping up this series, and here’s what we’ve talked about so far: How to test your site speed (and how to improve [...]

30 Minute SEO: Create an Editorial Calendar

Why having an Editorial Calendar Boosts your SEO Friends, welcome back to our 30 Minute SEO Series! We’re all about giving you quick, actionable SEO strategies that you can start and finish today. So far in this series we’ve [...]

30 Minute SEO: Update your URL Slugs

How Updating your URL Slugs gives you great SEO Hello friends! Welcome back to our 30 Minute SEO series! In this blog post series we’re giving you SEO-boosting tips you can take action on today in just 30 minutes [...]

Rich Snippets: What you need to know

Friends, welcome to a new series, 30 Minute SEO Tips! We get it: SEO can feel super overwhelming. There are so many possibilities of things you could do, so where do you start? That’s where our 30 minute tips [...]

The Truth about Duplicate Content

SEO Myth Busting: Duplicate Content We’ve talked a LOT about guest posting over here on the Clapping Dog Media blog (including giving you a cheat sheet for perfect pitching spots, and a template for emailing editors!), so you [...]

How SEO Gives You a Competitive Edge

Hello hello, creatives! You already know that we love all things SEO around here (duh, it’s kind of our thing), and how we believe that mastering SEO is your secret weapon for propelling your success in business. But do [...]

How to Email Busy People

Hello, friends! So you’ve spent the past few weeks learning how and why to get great backlinks. Today we’re wrapping up the series with a final post all about how to email people (and actually get a response). First, [...]