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Branding + Web Design

Out of the 7 billion of us here on Earth, there’s only one you. Healer. Advocate. Teacher. Servant. And because there’s only one you, there’s only one story that sounds exactly like yours. There’s only one vision that looks exactly like yours. There’s only one voice that carries exactly like yours.

I believe that’s where your business’s greatest power lies, and I believe your story deserves design that speaks truth to that power.

Because I’m a big believer-inner and full-time clapper, nothing lights me up like working side-by-side with changemakers, shapeshifters, and entrepreneurs to enhance their stories with beautiful, complementary brand and web design that inspires others to scoot their chairs a little closer, reach their hands out a little higher, and open up their hearts a little wider.

As we work together on your branding and web design, I’ll organize all the pieces of your story that are yours and yours alone. These one of a kind differentiators will manifest as your greatest brand assets, distilled down into an authentic visual identity that’ll ultimately become the backbone of your entire brand on paper, online, and in person.

I’ll create a branded logo accompanied by colors, fonts, and a tagline that ties together both meaning and message, so you can start spreading it like wildfire. From there, I’ll set up a WordPress site that’s all yours, along with a custom site design of 5-7 pages that give your purpose a home and a place where people can gather to learn more about the good you’re doing in the world.

What is included.

Brand Design.

  • A secret moodboard we’ll use to collaborate and capture your brand’s look and feel
  • A logo (with one variation) to convey your business’s big idea in a small but mighty package
  • A custom font choice and color palette that makes your identity pop while remaining 100% true to you
  • A unique tagline to tie together your brand’s meaning and message, resulting in an ownable, authentic pitch in just a few words

WordPress Design.

  • A site design that’s the consistent, online version of your Brand Identity
  • A mobile responsive layout that looks great across any kind of mobile device
  • A site layout including 5-7 pages that brings structure to your story
  • A custom designed landing page and accompanying opt-in materials that help you move conversations to conversions
  • A site migration of past or current content that puts all your moving pieces in one place
  • SEO optimized site
  • 6 months of hosting
  • 6 months of custom Google Analytics Reports

I limit the number of site designs that I take on at one time so that I can focus on each one. The time it takes for me to complete the design from beginning to end fluctuates but generally takes 3 weeks.

Investment begins $4225

YES! I want to turn my vision into my identity!
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