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I received an email the other day.  It went something like this.

Hi Meg,

I am a  Coach to Creative Entrepreneurs. I help my clients find their voice online so they can  standout from the crowd.

Now that my children are in school all day I can focus my time and turn this side hustle into a source of full time income, holla!

I am contacting you, because I need help measuring all the data.Google Analytics is overwhelming and I don’t have time for SEO, so I am looking for someone who can help me.  If you don’t track it you can’t change it, right?

You were recommended to me from a friend, but I am wondering if I am a good fit for you. I understand that you work with brands that do good, I empower brands and do really good work, but I don’t feed the homeless or save the planet–will you work with me?


My answer was Of course. Yes absolutely.

Just because I like poverty and  to give back, doesn’t mean that I only work with people that are just like me.

Clearly, this was not very  clear! I shudder to think of the amazing people that I have lost because of this misunderstanding.


So today I want to be explicit and tell you exactly who is a good fit for Clapping Dog Media.

  • I work with focused bosses who don’t have time to do all the things
  • I work with businesses who want to get more done in less time
  • I work busy mama’s who are balancing a household a business and life
  • I work with hustlers who have many roles and need help choosing what is most important
  • I work bosses who are wise with their money
  • I work with creatives who have a limited amount of time
  • I work with entrepreneurs who want to spread their influence wider but don’t have a huge budget
  • I work with content marketers who need to know what their audience wants more of
  • I work with branding experts who must know more about their niches
  • I work with bloggers who want to rank higher
  • I work with agencies who want to provide more value to their clients
  • I work bosses who don’t have time to understand the depths of Analytics but want to understand how it strategically affects their business
  • I work with wise business owners who delegate what isn’t their realm of genius
  • I want to work with you.
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