Top 6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in SEO This Year

Happy 2017 Friends.

January is a fresh start. It is the time to set intentions, clean the clutter, vow to do things better. I love fresh starts.

So far–I have invested in part-time employee (YAY for Rachael!) and a bookkeeper. I am also determined to do less with more focus.

Before the ink dries on your 2017 creative business goals, allow me to give you

The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO in 2017

Invest SEO 2017

SEO Works

Plain and simple. The techniques used to gain the attention of users and google work. If you focus on the user and employ methodical SEO strategies your organic traffic will improve and your keyword ranking will increase. Clapping Dog Media has numerous case studies to prove this.




65.8% increase for Bloguettes

In only one month, Clapping Dog Media was able to help Bloguettes increase the number of keywords in the Top 20 of Googles Search Results by 65.8%

SEO is not going away

Search Engine Optimization is an evolving industry. But even some audio and video searches ultimately depend on keywords, just like the traditional text-based content does, so optimized websites and content is here to stay.

Be Known in Your Niche

Once you have committed to your brand and have stopped trying to be everything to everyone, then use SEO to be found for what you want to be known for. So that your raving fans can find you.

SEO is a Good Deal

When you compare the cost of Facebook ads, Pay Per Click Ads, Ad managers, buying leads and all of the other forms of online marketing–SEO provides legit ROI. Organic SEO is lasting and is good business.


There are approximately 3.5 billion google searches per day. Your ideal customers are searching and they can either find you or your competition.

Mobile Search

The amount of data delivered to mobile devices is expected to exceed the data delivered to desktops in mid 2017, with this in mind the mobile and local search is a huge new world. If your site is not optimized for mobile search, you will not be found.

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