Warm and Fuzzy Gratitude

Friends, can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?

I’m here at home in Virginia sipping on mulled wine (oh heck, who am I kidding? It’s just regular wine) and trying to remember where I put my favorite coat from last winter (and hoping I left a twenty in the pocket!). My heart is full of thankfulness, and I can’t help but think of just how thankful I am for you! Yes, you, my clients, friends, social media followers, and everyone along this SEO journey with me.

It’s a fun time of year, and I’m also thinking about just how darn great 2017 has been. I’m feeling sappy and oh-so-thankful, and I’d just love to share my gratitude with you.

Thankful for Family (and cookies)

For me personally, it’s been a fun year. All three of my boys are in full-day school, so I’m fully relishing quiet days in the house (and the occasional mid-day cookie with no one begging for a bite).

Thankful for Clients

At Clapping Dog Media, I can hardly believe all that we’ve accomplished this year. I’ve gotten to partner with dozens of amazing clients to help them get their important message out into the world.

I’m so thankful for the ways that people have trusted me with their businesses, pulling back the curtain and letting me see all the behind the scenes pieces. It’s a big deal and an honor to get to be part of people’s lives and business like that.

It’s been a big year of growth for me, I’ve gotten to partner with influential clients, and gotten opportunities to share my message in fun and exciting ways. I had my first print feature in Belong Magazine, got to chat with the fun gals of Think Creative Collective on their podcast, and in just a few weeks I’m flying to Arizona for an in-person speaking event with Bloguettes.

It’s all so exciting, and it’s my kind, smart, wonderful, talented clients who have led me here.

Because of the great work that I have the opportunity to do, I have also been able to grow Clapping Dog Media to a team of four. I now have friends on my team that help me expand my reach and keep my sanity. I am thankful for you Rachael, Ashley, and Tina.

Thankful for SEO

Alright…this might sound super cheesy, but bear with me.

I’m thankful for SEO.

Like, I’m thankful that it’s a thing we have in our crazy, modern world.

I’ve been getting a little meta about SEO lately as I think about just how powerful it is. With just some tweaks and attention, SEO helps people find exactly what they are looking for, and helps businesses grow and get what they have to offer into their dream customers’ hands.

It’s a big deal, and I’m just finding myself all sappy and thankful for this digital world we live in that helps people connect more than ever before. It’s been a divisive year across our country, and I’m just crazy thankful that I get to be part of something that brings people together.

Because of search engines and their little robots, it’s possible for small businesses to be not-so-small and get their product from a dream in their heads to dollars in the bank. Dollars to go to take care of their family, in exchange for products people want, like, and need.

And most of all, I’m just ridiculously thankful that I get to be part of bringing people together like this. It’s an honor I don’t take lightly, and that’s why it matters so much to me to bring as much SEO mojo to the world as possible. Because I truly believe in what it can do for people.

What are you thankful for?

Ok, I’m off to sneak a cookie before the kids come home (#quiethouse), and I’d truly love to know:

What are you thankful for this year? What silly, sincere, meta, or just-for-you thing are you thankful for? We all need a big dose of gratitude, and knowing what you’re thankful for would just make me so happy, so leave me a comment or drop me a note.

Wishing you a thankful Thanksgiving, friends! And of course, lots of pie.


PS – I’d humbly ask you stay tuned to our newsletter and Instagram account as we are about to kick off 3 weeks of giveaways. Several of those clients I’m super grateful for have graciously donated some amazing swag I’d love to pass your way.

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