How Does SEO Really Work? A look at Feast Design Co.

Today we have a special treat: we’re pulling back the curtain and letting you take a peek behind the digi-scenes on how we helped one of our amazing clients get FOUND! Find out how we help our awesome clients turn up their megaphone so they can get found by their dream clients.

We’re starting with a deep dive into the site of a client I just adore, Shay Bocks of Feast Design Co!

If you’re into the food blogging world at all you probably know the lovely and talented Shay Bocks of Feast Design Co. She creates STUNNING WordPress themes for food bloggers or anyone who appreciates good, clean design.

I was thrilled when Shay came to me in December of 2016 to get her SEO off the ground. She had a stunning site (obviously), and a good following, but wasn’t getting the kind of organic traffic she wanted from her SEO.

We were going to fix all of that and get Feast Design Co found!

The Problem:

Shay’s site wasn’t very well optimized, even though she had built a lot of authority.

I know what you’re thinking…”What does that even mean, Meg…?

Let’s break it down:

The bad:

  • Lots of images didn’t have alt tags
  • Pages didn’t have meta descriptions
  • Lacking in other basic on-site SEO, like title tags, proper H1s, site speed, and so on
  • Shay’s site lacked focus. Her goal was to be the go-to food blog design resource, but her voice was muffled (but not for long!).


  • Shay had built a loyal following, so she had thousands of links (over 37K, which is an enormous amount) from clients who had purchased her themes. This gives her a huge SEO boost.
  • Shay also blogged regularly, which is the #1 thing you can do for great SEO

Basically, Google couldn’t figure out who Feast Design Co or Shay Bocks was. She had great links telling Google a little bit of information, but it just didn’t match up (in Google’s eyes) to what was on her site.

She built a great in-person reputation, but Google had almost no clue who she was.

The Solution

Clapping Dog Media turned up the megaphone!

We got in there right away and started turning up Feast Design Co’s megaphone so they could share their mega-talent with the world.

Here’s how we did it:

We started by telling Google what Feast Design Co does and how they should be known

  1. Did a deep dive into their site to see how well Google knew them already
  2. Keywords research: Once we understood how Feast Design Co wanted to be known in the market, we researched and curated a list of keywords that not only aligned with their brand but enabled them to be found faster
  3. We did a complete on-site optimization using the perfect keywords we curated. This included updating:
    • Alt tags
    • Meta descriptions
    • Image tags
    • URLs
  4. Our final (and ongoing) step was to analyze the data to boost their most relevant, popular content. Here’s how we did it:
    • We looked at their most popular pages (Link to the blog about Data Studio
    • Then compared those to their targeted keywords and the keywords most often used to find Feast Design Co
    • Then applied a little SEO Strategery to create an Editorial Calendar that delivers content that we know readers want and that’s filled with the ideal keywords for Feast Design Co.

The Results

Our lips are sealed on exactly which keywords Feast Design Co is getting found for, but here’s something amazing:

For one dreamy keyword in particular, they are ranked #1!

And even better??

For this keyword, they are showing up above Goop, Forbes, and other giant names. Cue the confetti cannon, this is EXCITING!

Feast SEO by the Numbers:

  • 65%: The amount traffic is up, monthly, for Feast. Yay!!
  • 2X Monthly: How quickly their keywords are increasing.
  • 21%: How much of their total traffic comes from their #1 keyword ← this is a giant percentage of total traffic! And this keyword isn’t even their brand name.
  • 20: How many keywords that put them on the first page of Google

Organic Search traffic is the greatest source of traffic for Feast. This means that Feast can spend less money on paid advertising (woo!) and less time hustling on social media and let people come to them. Feast Design Co can spend less time and money being everywhere all the time and focus on doing what they want because Google sees and knows them!

Are people trying to find you (but can’t?)?

Maybe you’re like Feast Design Co…you do amazing work, have built a great in-person reputation, but just aren’t getting the kind of traffic you want and find yourself constantly hustling to get more business.

Take a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be this hard. People are trying to find you. I promise. No matter your industry or offering, there are people looking every day for the kind of thing you do. We’ll help them find you. If this is you, then let’s chat.

Get Found. Hustle Less. Breathe More.

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