Bloguettes Case Study: How to Rank for Multiple Keywords

bloguettes SEO casestudy

In November 2016 Bloguettes, the boss lady masterminds behind Stock that Rocks, BTV and the insanely popular Online Brand Building classes approached Clapping Dog Media with a specific SEO Challenge: to rank in Google for multiple keywords.

Bloguettes Case Study: How to Rank for Multiple Keywords

At the time, Bloguettes was already ranking for over 1,000 keywords in Google, in other words, Google recognized it was extremely well optimized. However the specific keywords that Bloguettes wanted to be known for and actually brought in the most revenue for the business  was not among the ranking keywords.

Bloguettes knew that although they already had decent awareness by Google, the help of an SEO expert would help them get found. And that is exactly what we did.  We were able to do deep research to find variations of their dream keywords, and now they are getting found for ALL of them, in just 3 short months. This is the benefit of working with an expert: having the advantage of deep data and someone on your side who knows how to use it to get you found for the right reasons!


“We have been able to perfect our content strategy with Meg’s reports”

Lauren, Associate Editor,


Bloguettes weren’t getting found for the bank-account-booming parts of their business.  They were theoretically in a good place with SEO:  they were getting found for lots of keywords, BUT they weren’t getting found for keywords related to their main revenue streams. Obviously, this was a problem, since they want to be found for the things that actually drive traffic and make money (You too? Read on.).


  • Get found for 6 hand-selected keywords we discovered from delving into their current SEO and competition.
  • Get found for competitive keywords–AKA ones that are really hard to rank for.
  • Direct the power of their vast archives of content, and make sure that future content would serve their SEO and their audience.
  • Increase overall traffic, increase conversions to the revenue generating parts of the business


  • Carve a niche in a competitive space by creating long-tail keywords* for their  highly-competitive desired search terms
  • Cull their extensive archive of blog posts and hone the SEO-friendliness of the most relevant posts
  • Curate and craft each upcoming month’s editorial calendar to target the ideal keywords We kept the editorial team on speed dial to share our notes about what would lead to success (OK, not quite speed dial…but almost).  
  • Adjust for seasonal trends (Swimsuits in December? Nope. Ugly sweaters? Yes & Amen)
  • Watch performance of dream keywords as closely as you’d watch the season finale of the Bachelor (to be clear….that’s VERY closely)
  • Examine and improve ‘under-the-hood’ website details related to SEO, and adjust as needed.


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Yep, that’s Google coming in at #1 for highest driver of traffic. No accident, folks. Just the result of blood, sweat, and SEO tears. And notice that jump in traffic. Traffic leads > Conversions > Revenue.

[clickToTweet tweet=”After putting this plan into action, Bloguettes leaped from 45 to 100 keywords in the top 10. ” quote=”After putting this plan into action, leaped from 45 to 100 keywords in the top 10 on Google. That’s more than DOUBLE their starting point.”] We were off to a good start.

After that, 5 out of the 6 ideal keywords we set our sights on went from being completely unrecognizable by Google to being in the top 10-40 of the search results. That’s going from ‘not a thing’ to ‘there they are!’ in four months flat.

Not ones to call it a day, we’ve kept aiming at these 6 specific keywords, and we’ve continued to see growth every week. Hard work pays off, my friends.

Bloguettes now shows up in spots #1-3 for TEN keywords. That’s double the reach from where they were when we started working with them. And these aren’t just for small little blog posts; these keywords on the front page of Google for their ideal, bank account filling, customer-winning keywords. Cha-CHING!

These dream rankings didn’t come from nowhere—someone else had them, but because of our hard work, pulled ahead in the SEO race. We’ve redirected traffic from their competitors to, and their site stats show it.

Organic traffic (aka traffic that comes from SEO or links, not paid marketing) is up 2%. That might not sound like much, but when you have a large audience already, a 2% rise is a lot of extra people on your site! More people than ever are registering for their webinars and signing up for monthly memberships, and this isn’t an accident.

This growth is the result of our deliberate, detailed, and consistent work. And it hasn’t taken long to see wallet-padding results.

So what’s next?

Clapping Dog Media will continue to work with Bloguettes every month to target their desired keywords. Once we’ve accomplished the goal with one keyword (hello, front page!), we move on to the next dream keyword.

Overtime, Bloguettes will get found for more and more keywords, especially in competitive niches. This mean more sales and happy clients. Claps all around!

Do you want to get found on Google? Does your site need a boost in SEO? Let’s chat about how we can get your site easily found by your dream clients. 

*What’s a long tail keyword? This is a phrase, rather than a single word. For example, it’s the difference between searching for ‘paleo’ and ‘easy paleo dinner recipes’. The more specific a keyword, the easier it is to get found for it and the more likely it is that people will go to your site.

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