Season of Giving Week 1: Holiday Sparkle

Hello friends!

It’s here! We are SO excited to kick off our most fun blog series yet, the Clapping Dog Media Season of Giving!


Over the next 4 weeks we’re hosting a giveaway every.single.week. And we’ve collected a great batch of goodies we can’t wait to show you.

Oh, you’re curious about how we picked these items to giveaway? We’re happy to let you in on the secret: they’re all from our clients! And we have the best clients. Ever.

Weeks 1, 2, and 3 all feature gifts from Clapping Dog Media clients, and Week 4 is a special bonus round with ‘gifts that give back’ from some of our favorite people in general.

Plus, it’s possible you’ve heard of these clients already, because their findability has gone through the roof since we’ve been working together. It makes us so excited to see how SEO can help these daring small businesses grow and thrive, and we’re humbled to be part of it.

There are countless (ok, not quite countless, but lots!) of ways to win these goods.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Comment on our giveaway post, and tag a small business friend you think would like the giveaway
  • Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter (it’s full of juicy SEO tips and lots o’ puns)

Each one of these earns you an entry so you might as well do them all!

So, now for the most exciting part of today’s post, the giveaway!

Season of Giving Week 1: Holiday Sparkle

Like all kids of the 90s we love a good bit of glitter as much as the next gal, so we picked the sparkliest gifts we could find to make your December cheery and bright.


The winner of Week 1 gets ALL of these goods. So like, comment, tag, sign up, and follow to get these treats in your stocking this year!

Embri Shop

We adore everything from Embri shop, so it was so hard to choose just one item! The gorgeous and kind Bri of Embri Shop creates stylish-yet-functional tech accessories. Her iridescent macbook case make us think of a unicorn giving your macbook a big hug (wouldn’t that be amazing??).

mac book case

Have a browse all of Embri Shop’s gorgeous tech accessories, and enter to win!

Since we’ve been working to boost Embri Shop’s SEO, they’ve seen a growth from 18% to 24% increase in organic traffic (in just 1 quarter) AND they had 10 targeted keywords in the Top 10 on the Google Search Results Page.

So what does that mean for Embri? It means that when people search for sparkly tech accessories on google, they find Embri Shop. That is the point after all.

Kate & Moose

All of your girlfriends need these in their lives. First of all, Moose of Kate and Moose is a dog — we obvs here at Clapping Dog Media love that. Secondly, we love all the colors in the Kate and Moose shop! Kate creates the most colorful statement jewelry handmade from resin and metals. Her pieces are perfect for the minimalist who loves a little pop of color.

It is hard to choose a fav, but we are swooning over the holiday collection, check out the rose gold studs.

resin rose gold stud earring

In the first 3 months of helping Kate and Moose’s site be found by Google, there was an increase of a whopping 55% in the number of keywords that Google recognized them for. In other words, that is 55% MORE words are driving their organic search traffic. Wowza! Talk about ROI.


Pronounced like the champagne Cristal and just like the bubbly Crystahheld is the place for fabulous and luxurious gifts. Crystahhled is revolutionizing how we define luxury and measure self worth. The business started as a hobby years ago, Elyssa created art, tote bags and sneakers for herself adorned with Swarovski crystals. Elyssa’s hobby quickly launched into a sparkly business when Elyssa was commissioned by Reece Witherspoon to create a piece of art for her daughter! Now her business is a shining success.

We are giving away this acrylic tray, it is perfect for any boss lady’s desk.
This tray fits in with holiday colors, and gives you a head start on Valentine’s decor. Win-win.

Aren’t these all so fun and sparkly? We love the cheer they bring to the everyday.

Friends, remember, here’s how you can enter this giveaway:

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Comment on Instagram, and tag a small business friend you think would like the giveaway
  • Sign up for our newsletter (it’s full of juicy SEO tips and lots o’ puns)

Good luck winning! Stay tuned for Week #2, where we’re bringing you goods to have a cozy holiday season.

Good luck!!

Clapping Dog Media Team

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