Season of Giving Week 2: Healthy Holidays

Hello friends!

Welcome to Week 2 of our Season of Giving series!

We are just loving celebrating each of you and showing off the giftable products our clients make!

Congratulations to last week’s winner! We hope you enjoy all your sparkly goods. 😉

Today, we’re giving away a Healthy Holidays gift package, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Every one of these gifts is from a Clapping Dog Media client, and we can’t wait to give the whole bundle to one of our lucky readers!

How to Enter the Giveaway

There are countless (ok, not quite countless, but lots!) of ways to win these goods.

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Comment on our giveaway post, and tag a small business friend you think would like the giveaway
  • Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter (it’s full of juicy SEO tips and lots o’ puns)

Each one of these earns you an entry so do them all to increase your odds of getting these fabulous goods under your tree.
So, now for the most exciting part of today’s post, the giveaway!

Integrative Wellness Group

Meet Integrative Wellness Group

Integrative Wellness Group is our go-to resource for holistic living. They’re a functional and integrative medicine practice based in Belmar, NJ. And this year, they’re making their great work accessible nationwide with the release of their cookbook, Eat for your Gut.

This cookbook has dozens of anti-inflammatory recipes that promote a healthy gut. We’ve been lucky to have a copy of this book in our hands for a while, and we can verify that the recipes are absolutely delicious!

SEO Improvement in 2017

We’ve been happy to work with IWG for almost a full year, and during that time the overall number of keywords that drive organic traffic has increased 121%.

These keywords = more organic traffic which = more customers!

The Giveaway

IWG has so graciously provided their cookbook for this giveaway. The cookbook focuses on Paleo inspired recipes written by functional medicine physician, Dr. Nicole Rivera. These recipes aide in decreasing inflammation while nourishing your gut to help in weight loss and digestion.

Bonnie Bryant

Meet Bonnie Bryant Creative

If you love classic TV shows, and/or whimsical artwork, you’re going to love Bonnie’s work. She creates hand-painted prints featuring your favorite characters and quotes from favorite TV characters. (Golden Girls fans, we’re especially looking at you!). You’ve probably seen her work all over Pinterest, and we’re sure you’d love to see it on your walls.

SEO Improvement in 2017

In the time that we’ve been working with Bonnie, she’s had a 68% improvement in the overall number of keywords that drive the organic traffic to her site. These keywords are driving more traffic and ideal clients to her site.

The Giveaway

We’re SO excited to be giving away one of Bonnie’s tumblers. And doesn’t drinking out of a cute tumbler totally make you drink more water?! We are all about staying hydrated! We love this Golden Girls tumbler (team Dorothy)!


Bonnie has generously offered a free shipping on any of her prints! (Thank you, Bonnie!).

Use code PRINTSBABY to get free shipping on a print. (applicable to prints only, and only until December 15).

Primally Pure

Meet Primally Pure

If you’re into natural beauty, you’re going to love Primally Pure. They have a huge range of natural beauty products, from deodorant and skincare, to haircare (Santa, will you give us one of everything, please?). Seriously, we’re obsessed.

SEO Improvement in 2017

CDM and Primally Pure have only been working together for one month, yet we’ve already seen an 18% keyword increase, which for them equals 400 new keywords!

The Giveaway

Their signature product is their all-natural, super effective deodorants, and today we’re sharing another crowd pleaser, their Everything Spray. Just as its name implies, this spray does it all. Use it as a spray-on natural toner or spritz it on sensitive areas after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. Everything Spray can also be used as a quick + easy underarm refresher after the gym and is also effective in soothing a wide range of inflammatory skin conditions.

primally pure spray

Friends, remember, here’s how you can enter this giveaway:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Comment on Instagram, and tag a small business friend you think would like the giveaway
  3. Sign up for our newsletter

Good luck winning! And we aren’t done yet! Make sure you stay tuned for Week #3!!

Clapping Dog Media Team

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