Season of Giving Week 3: Small Biz Bosses

Hello friends!

Welcome to Claps for Christmas Giveaway Week 3! It has been SO much fun celebrating the season with all of you through our giveaway.

So far, two of you have taken home the whole lot of goods each week, and we couldn’t be happier to give one of our amazing readers a bundle of gifts from our awesome clients.

We love handing out presents, and it truly just makes our day to get to celebrate all of you.

We’re all about helping small businesses thrive here at Clapping Dog Media, so this week we’re giving away 3 gifts that will help your business soar in 2018. We’re cheering you on!

How to enter the giveaway:

There are countless (ok, not quite countless, but lots!) of ways to win these goods.

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Comment on our giveaway post, and tag a small business friend you think would like the giveaway
  • Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter (it’s full of juicy SEO tips and lots o’ puns)

Each one of these earns you an entry so do them all to increase your odds of getting these cozy goods under your tree.

So, now for the most exciting part of today’s post, the giveaway!

Meet The Stock Gallery

We are so honored that Alli of The Stock Gallery is participating in our Claps for Christmas Giveaway. We personally use and love her stunning stock photography, and can’t wait to give one lucky winner a free month’s subscription!

For all of you gals out there working the side hustle and wanting to grow your business, Alli gets it. She’s a lawyer by training (and holds a license in two states!) but started her photography business to get a dose of creativity into her everyday work.

The Gift:

We’re giving away a one month membership to The Stock Gallery!

Her photos have helped us grow our Instagram account and our blog (plus they’re just so darn pretty!), and we hope they help you too!

If you’ve been needing stock photos that are less flat lay and more lifestyle, then you should check out her work. Better grab a cup of coffee though, because if you’re like us, then you’ll be lost in the gorgeous photos for a while.

Meet Better Biz Academy

We’re so excited to introduce you to our friend Laura, founder of the Better Biz Academy (freelancers, this one is for you!). Laura’s signature course, Guide to Killing It On Upwork as a New Freelancer, is perfect for anyone looking to use a new-to-them platform to grow their freelance business.

The Gift:

Laura has generously offered to giveaway her course to one lucky winner! This course is valued at $197 and has helped loads of people get income through Upwork. If you’ve been wanting to earn additional income for your business, but aren’t sure how to get clients, then you should definitely enter the giveaway to get this course! Plus, Laura is absolutely brilliant, and we think you’ll love learning from her.

Meet BankyGirlCreations

If you’re like us, you work from home and it’s probably the rare day that you put on anything fancier than yoga pants (no actual yoga required). Katie of BankyGirl Creations has created a line of apparel for work-from-home boss gals that’s just the right mix of witty+comfy. And we love every piece in her collection.

The Gift:

We’re so excited to be giving away one of our favorite tops in Katie’s collection, the 100% Chance of Not Leaving the House Today top. We think it sums up our daily life perfectly!

Meet Bonnie Bryant Creative

You may remember Bonnie from last week’s giveaway. The thing about Bonnie is that she can basically do it all, the girl’s skills extend far beyond her amazing tumbler design and fabulous watercolor prints. Bonnie Bryant Creative is a boutique consulting firm and creative studio and is a one-stop shop for your business’s brand identity. Bonnie designs stunning visuals that tell the story of your brand with just a glance. She writes creative, effective copy that captures your unique voice and tells your customers who you are.

The Gift:

Bonnie Bryant Creative is partnering with us to give away her signature Brand and Marketing Checkup Package valued at $295! Are you lost in the wilderness, feeling like this whole brand marketing thing is impossible to master? Like, how do you do your Instagram and your Pinterest and your blog and your email list and still have time to actually run your business? Bonnie will teach you the way, friends! She is offering a full assessment of your current brand strategy and marketing efforts a one-hour consultation to go over how you can improve your marketing plan a full report with specific recommendations for moving forward. Amazing!

Time to Enter the Giveaway!

Ok, friends, now that you’ve seen this week’s goods, it’s time to enter the giveaway! Our fingers are crossed for you!

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