My 3 Biggest Takeaways from Speaking at The Workshop PHX

Friends, I have something super fun to tell you about. Last week I attended the fabulous Workshop PHX, hosted by Bloguettes, and it was AMAZING. Everything about this conference was delightful, and getting to speak at it is one of the highlights of my year. I’m sharing

Here are my biggest takeaways from this conference, and BONUS! If you’re feeling all the FOMO about this one, then use the link at the bottom to get access to all the sessions.

1. Brand Experience

This conference experience was SO well branded. I’m talking Bloguettes branding everywhere from the swag bags to the bathrooms. There were gorgeous flowers, photo ops a-plenty, and just a general sense of curated beauty all around. It made me realize how important it is to have a solid brand that you can use across multiple mediums and channels. I attended a session from the founders of Bloguettes (Lorena and Sakura) on branding and how it gives tremendous authority and value to your brand.

Every aspect of this event just LOOKED + FELT like Bloguettes. The bathrooms had flowers, make-up by Glossier and even a coffee truck! It was everything you could want or need while flitting about a conference. The happy hour had a DJ, branded drinks (seriously…amazing), keychain swag….I could go on and on.

The takeaway here?

Build a solid, thoughtful and consistent brand for your business, then use that to build an experience for your clients, even if that’s just online. Find small, creative ways to surprise and delight your clients. Use your copy, web design, photography, and overall client experience to create the kind of feeling you want to be associated with your brand.

We know, we know…this all sounds like a lot of….stuff. But it’s important to note that all of this delightful branding didn’t distract from the reason why we were all there (to learn!). It added value. A solid brand will add value to your business too.

For us, we know that people can go a lot of places to get SEO support. We’re not the only ones doing this work, just like you’re not the only ever web designer, photographer, or wellness expert. And that’s ok! Because I know that my branding creates an experience for potential clients that draws them to me and my personality. I’m not just selling SEO, I’m selling my entire brand personality, and through that, I’m going to attract the kind of people that I truly want to work with.

2. Connecting IRL with people is my favorite. (and we met clients in person!)

So many of our current clients were at this event, and it was SO FUN to get to meet them in person (we may or may not have recognized them before actually meeting them. But we promise we’re not creepy–it’s just our job to look at your photos!).

Getting to spend a weekend with brave, successful, curious, creative women is so fulfilling. Friends, if you have the opportunity to be with people in person—do it. The impact it’ll have on your heart and on your business is huge (and if you can do it somewhere beautiful, then all the better!).

Here is just a few of the new friends I met:

Kristen Poli from Contently and I clicked instantly. She spoke on SEO, and it was wonderful to meet someone else in the industry, and swap stories about our work and so much more–she’s super fun, guys.

Lindsey from The Hustle and I hit it off, and OH MY GOODNESS I’m so glad I know about their newsletter now! It’s seriously wonderful, and you should go check it out ASAP.

Cassie from LinkedIn is a gem, and you should check her out. Her talk was all about how to hire in a smart way for your business, and it was brilliant.

Super fun clients we got to meet in person:

Bloguettes (of course!)

Primally Pure

Meeting all of these people in person was such a highlight of this conference. We, like so many of you, work from home. And that’s an amazing thing–but it means that we don’t get to know clients as well as we would like, especially since they’re from all over the US (and world!). Plus,
seeing all of your faces in person and not behind a screen just makes my heart SO HAPPY. (So, of course, if you make it my way out to Northern Virginia, then I totally want to meet you!).

Beyond our clients, the people at this conference were just amazing. They are all creatives and entrepreneurs creating something out of nothing, and getting to talk about life and business with them is so fulfilling.

3. It gave me confidence

I’m not much of a public speaker. Not because I don’t want to, but because it doesn’t make much sense for my life. I have three dudes at home and a husband whose job includes the occasional business trip, so going out of town for work doesn’t always make sense for me. BUT— the effort it took to make this trip possible was absolutely worth it. Getting to be in this gorgeous space, speaking on my zone of expertise to a roomful of people I adore and respect gave me such an unexpected boost of confidence. I spend almost all my working hours behind a computer, and speaking at this conference made me feel a surge of confidence and respect for myself. I’m not immune to that pesky imposter syndrome, but attending and speaking at this conference was like a huge boost of confidence, and I’m already seeing the rewards from it. On top of that, getting such wonderful feedback from my attendees was humbling, felt wonderful, and gave me all the fuzzy feelings.

Friends—this conference was amazing. And you should absolutely check it out for next year. But in the meantime, I have something super special for you. If you weren’t able to make it to this event, you can still get in on all this goodness, because they recorded the sessions (including mine!). Use the link below to get access to all the sessions, then get to learning!

Get all the conference sessions here!


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