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We’re SEO obsessed so you don’t have to be. Provide more value to your clients without lifting a finger (sounds great, right? It totally is).

When you work with Clapping Dog Media, we become your ultimate resource for all things SEO. We’re here to answer your questions (aka, be your own living version of Google), support your clients, and deliver amazing results that boost their sales.

When you work with us, we’ll find the holes in your clients’ current SEO, outline a solution, then fix their SEO so they leave your tender loving care with not just a beautiful site, but a beautiful site that gets found. We think SEO is the best small business secret weapon, for both you and your design clients. We call that a win-win.

Included in every package:

  • In-depth analysis of current SEO status
  • Detailed research on what they should be known for
  • Analysis of competitors (in a way that doesn’t lead to comparison guilt)
  • Research from our super-sleuthing tools (Google Analytics is just beginning)
  • Expert implementation of strategies to boost SEO
  • A HUGE SEO boost right away, whether they are brand new or an established biz
  • Education customized to clients’ needs
  • Option to continue working with us to boost them even further

How we work with you, the designer:

  • We’ll have a skype call (delicious drink in hand!) to get to know each other. Once we’ve decided we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll move forward with getting all set up.
  • We fit seamlessly into your design + dev process, and need minimal information from you and the client to do our bit.
  • You decide whether you want SEO to be an add-on to your packages, or whether it’s included in all your web packages.
  • Some designers choose to have less client facing people involved, which we totally understand. If you decide you’d like to handle SEO communications yourself, we’ll let you know what questions to ask so we can do the research + implementation (please note that this will require a bit more work on your part than us directly talking to client).

How we work with clients:

We’ll seamlessly fit into your current process by getting a little bit of information at the beginning from the client via a brief questionnaire.


We then do most of the work behind the scenes using the top industry SEO research tools. We’ll be able to do this part without additional work from you or the client, making it easy on both of you (yay!), and making it possible for us to fit your turnarounds (minimum 2 weeks).

Check-in with Client:

We’ll check in with the client about the keywords we’ve settled on for them, based on our research. We’ll show them everything they need to know about what we’ve uncovered in our research phase, and get their approval on the keywords we’ve found.

Making it Happen:

With client’s approval on keywords, we’ll set out to put it all into action. This usually happens once the site is in the coding phase, just before launch. We can do this all in the background during the coding phase.


During launch phase, we’ll schedule a call with the client to teach them about what we did, and how they can continue to boost SEO. We’ll also chat with the client about continuing to use our services so they can keep getting SEO mega-boosts.

What SEO expert services are:

A high-value, add on service for your business.
A way to boost revenue without lifting finger.
The best way for a small business to generate more revenue 24/7. With good SEO, they’ll get found more often (people are definitely looking–help them find you!), get more clients, be able to get their DREAM clients, and raise their rates. That’s a LOT of goodness from one service.

What SEO expert services are not:

A one-time fix for SEO. Getting consistently found on Google is a marathon, not a sprint. Using our services during the design process gives them a HUGE boost, but it needs to be maintained over time. This is why we offer our continued services at the end of this process.
A total mystery! Yes, Google does change their algorithm often, but the general theme is to always make things better for the user. We stay on top of the trends in SEO so you don’t have to, and tell you and your clients everything you need to know.

To get started:

We are SO excited to get to know you! We’ve seen firsthand the value good SEO delivers, and we can’t wait to give that to you and your clients.For pricing, questions, and to get started, get in touch here, or you can schedule a skype call with us here.