Findability Reports

A Findability Report or SEO Audit is the process of evaluating the search engine friendliness of a site from multiple perspectives including technical how the site is built and from a content perspective how the site uses keyword phrases, titles, content and etc.

Clapping Dog Media completes a thorough audit of your site each quarter.

A thorough audit identifies how well a site is optimized. Search Engine Land Defines “Optimization” as the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. So, in other words, if your content is more findable, you don’t have to spend as much money on Adwords campaigns to get the same traffic. Claps for free traffic!

The Findability Reports from Clapping Dog Media go through 4 steps:

The Baseline Report

This step digs deep into your site to ensure that it is findable by the search engines. I go through a 20+ checklist that covers everything from onsite optimization, to technical details, to domain issues, to site security. All of these are very much related to SEO and greatly impact your overall findability.


I provide a prioritized plan with exactly what to do and when to get your site found! These recommendations include items that I will do and things that you will need to do.

Fix + Be Known

In step 3, we get down to business. In this phase we do the work. Now that the site is optimized to be found, we make it found for what we want to be known for. So I curate a list of keywords that define who you are and where you are going and we optimize the most popular 10% (based on traffic) of your site for those words.

Maintenance + Report

Each quarter I conduct similar performance reports and continue to optimize and tweak the site. In addition to on-page optimization, each quarter I will focus on new SEO techniques to increase the organic traffic to your site. These techniques vary based on your needs but could include,  SEO Local, updating the the schema’s on your site, and optimizing various plugins.

Premium Service

  • A List of Current Keyword Rankings
  • Multi-Point Optimization Plan
  • Competitive Analysis on your Top Competitors
  • Curated List of Keywords, specific to YOUR business
  • Deep-Dive into Content, On Site SEO, Security and More!