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Give Back

SEO is where my practice meets my purpose in full circle. Books and bikes, food and clothes, love and nourishment – these are just a few of the ways Clapping Dog Media positively affects the lives of women, children and communities around the world on the regular.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. (I can sure vouch for that). But I also believe that it takes a village to change a life in a meaningful way. That’s why I consider you part of my village, friends, because real, sustainable, life-altering impact was never designed as a one-woman job. It takes a village. It takes you.

Because of you, we can buy my fellow mama Bette’s entire inventory of jewelry on the spot, so she can send her son to school and I can send my clients beautiful ’thank you’ gifts. Full circle. Because of you, we can help orphaned teens that’ve aged out of the system find a job, fix bikes, and earn a fair wage. Full circle. Because of you, we can make sure a child goes to bed at night with a full belly, knowing somewhere in the world, kind people cared enough to fill their plate. Full circle.

When you choose to work with me, you choose to give back with me. Just as our work together is an investment in writing the next chapter of your own story, it’s also an investment in writing the next chapter of a story that so deserves to be written. When you sign on the dotted line, I use the investment you’ve made in your design and strategy to invest in the lives and livelihoods of folks who need a village on their side.

This work, this life – it’s all full circle when you start to not only see the good, but play your part in shaping it.

Each year, I give back 15% of my profits and hundreds pro bono hours to organizations that I’m proud to partner with, such as Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage (where my husband and I adopted our two boys from), Good Shepherd’s Fold Feeding Program, Nica Bikes, Compassion International, and Food for the Hungry – among dozens more, on an as-needed basis. Besides offering my time and making donations when and where they’re needed, I also travel to places like Uganda and the Dominican Republic to bear witness to the good we’ve done – together – and share those stories with you right here.

In Action

Babies + Families regularly fed in Uganda
Children Sponsored thru Compassion International
Monthly Design Hours Donated to Cause Based Businesses