Meet Sofia

Meet Sofia!

At Clapping Dog Media, we’re here for good.

We’re here for the long game, and we’re here to do good in the work we do every day.

And the best part?
By being a part of the Clapping Dog Media audience, you’re part of this too.

Doing good matters, and we’re SO excited to share with you one way that Clapping Dog Media has been doing good with our resources over the past year.

Meet Sofia. She’s 4 years old and lives in Uganda. And because of you Clapping Dog Media is able to send monthly support, love and letters to little Sofia.
We sponsor Sofia through Compassion International, an organization that is dear to our hearts. Meg has been sponsoring through Compassion for long time, and she’s even gotten to visit the villages of children that she sponsors!

Here’s what Meg has to say about her visits to the villages of her sponsored children:
“It’s easy to think that the kids we sponsor don’t know who we are…but when I saw letters from sponsors plastered on walls of homes like wallpaper, it made sponsorship extra meaningful and special”.

Visiting the village was a special experience for Meg and she can’t wait for her next trip one day. Until that can happen though, we’re focusing on showing Sofia how much she’s loved by sending her a monthly letter.

It takes a village to love a village, friends, and by being part of Clapping Dog Media, you’re showing a little girl in a village in Uganda that she is seen, known, and loved.

Do you want to say something to Sofia? Just a little hello, or a prayer or hope for her? Leave a comment below with your hello to Sofia, and we’ll include it in our next letter to her!

And if you’re interested in giving back by sponsoring a child visit Compassion International!

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