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Custom Google Analytics Reports

Analytics can feel like a beast of burden when you’re thick in the jungle of actually doing the work. Numbers. Percentages. Conversions. It’s enough to make any hustle grind to a halt. The fact that there’s so much conflicting information out there – from blogs, forums, and groups – about how to actually use analytics to your advantage doesn’t do much to change its overwhelming reputation, either.

I help you bridge the gap from compassion to action by making analytics part of my encouragement strategy and part of your business strategy.


Most entrepreneurs believe data exists to disprove their passion or prove their purpose wrong. They dwell on what they can do better, where they lack, and most dangerously, where they fail.

And friends, nothing hurts me more than seeing an entrepreneur knocked down by what they can’t do instead of being elevated by what they can.


That’s why I approach data differently to prove how your meaning is already moving the world. Instead of letting you drown in the swath of details that Google Analytics provides, I distill your most relevant information into actionable goals that help you accomplish more good more often.

Each month, I provide custom, easy-to-digest reports (in plain English!) designed to give your business clarity, and most importantly, inertia to keep moving forward in the ‘rights’ instead of wallowing in the ‘wrongs’. Whether your goal is to drive donations, make sales, or spur action, I’ll deliver the metrics that explain how your website is being interpreted, interacted with, and influenced by your target audience’s web traffic.

By helping you see data as business ally, not a bully, you’ll be empowered to clear a better path to conversion, experiment with new ways to engage, and see your progress unfold in real time.

What’s Included?

  • How to increase your site’s number of consistent visits and visitors
  • How to reduce your bounce rate by immediately capturing your audience’s attention
  • How to increase the amount of time visitors read, browse, and travel around your site
  • How to increase the amount of new leads and form submissions that land in your inbox
  • How to generate sales by making the checkout process easy and intuitive

Monthly reports are $47/each, year commitment.

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