Quick Tip: How Measure the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing TODAY

Marketing your business takes marketing your business, proactively  and consistently to the right audience. For many of us, investing heavily in social media or a launch campaign (time + money) can prove to be an invaluable tactic when trying to drive awareness and revenue for our businesses. Because the pay off–getting your company mentioned in a Facebook group,  podcast or linked in popular blog is like internet gold for those of us wanting to grow our influence online.

How do you tangibly measure success of all the hustle?  Is it by the many kind words you are receiving? Well no. but that is nice, I prefer real data to turn website visitors into raving fans and paying customers.

This is where Google Analytics comes into save the day. Please don’t be intimidated by GA (I see you rolling your eyes) getting a solid idea of how successful your marketing efforts are is straight forward, let me show you how. In this video I focused on REFERRALS, check in next week I am going to focus on Social Media. This measurement is a great first step in measuring the success of your PR, Social Media, Launches, Content Marketing–however you prefer to market your brand.

REFERRALS measure how much traffic you’ve received from outside sources such as that super-fabulous blogger that gave you a shout out.

Be sure to take a look at how long visitors stayed on your site and how many pages they viewed while they were there–all of these indicators tell us how engrossed people are with your brand.

As you know, visitors have a very short attention span, so if the average time is longer than 90 seconds and if the total page visits is more than 1.5–you are doing really great. HIGH FIVE.

You can get to the Referrals Report by logging into your Google Analytics and going to: Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals.

Google Analytics is a free tool that boosts your ability to track the results of your hustle. It can measure the impact your brand has on the traffic of your website.

If you take the time to measure the analytics in conjunction with your marketing efforts you can get real data on what is working for your brand–and that is when the magic happens.

P.S. If you need help installing Google Analytics, I have a quick HOW-To here.

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