Google Analytics 101: Step-by-Step Instructions How to Add a User when You Need Help!

I am pretty sure that everyone who has ever surfed these fine Internets has a Google Account. It is kinda like Facebook. Even if you don’t really want one, you get sucked in by some fancy little app or program and then BAM google has your digits which is a big deal–have you ever tried to change your PW? It is like a 12-step process, not for the weak.

We all have Google Accounts and we love them. And sometimes we need a little help with some parts of our Google World like Google Analytics but we don’t want to give access our ENTIRE GOOGLE ACCOUNT OF GOODNESS like email and docs and well basically our online world. So how do we do that.

Here is how to add a user to Google Analytics, but not to your entire Google Account?

In this post I am going to give you STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to add a USER to your Google Analytics Account and ONLY your Google Analytics Account.

You may be thinking…is this a problem Meg? Why would I need or want to add a user to Google Analytics?  There are a couple of main reasons:

  • you need help deciphering your analytics
  • you have a lot of SPAM in your analytics and someone needs to go in and clean it up
  • you need a someone to help set up goals
  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account
  2. Select the Admin tab and the account you want to add users too
  3. THIS IS IMPORTANT  In the Account Column (not property or view) Click USER MANAGEMENT
  4. In the form field under ADD PERMISSIONS for: add the email addy for the new user and then select the permissions. To add filters, add goals, and etc. select all check boxes but Manage Users .
  5. Select Notify this User by email to send a notification to each user you are adding.
  6. Click Add.


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