See Your Story in the Data with our Favorite new Tool: Google Data Studio

Performance Reporting is our jam here at Clapping Dog Media. We spend hours creating reports that are easy-to-read, look sharp, provide actionable insights and are easily shareable. We are excited to share that Google Data Studio just showed up and dropped the mic.

Friends, you know how much we love + depend on Google Analytics. We’ve written the whole series on it, how to set up goals, understanding metrics like bounce rate, and my 3 favorite ways to use your analytics. It’s safe to say we won’t prove our ROI to clients without the detailed data from GA.

The thing is, we understand that most people don’t love Google Analytics as much as we do. We are data geeks while the rest of the world is busy being great at what they do best, like creating and designing and making and coaching and building and lawyering.  You don’t need to understand the nuances of bounce rate and exit rate and behavior flow, but you do want to know if what you are doing is working, right?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what people typed into the search box to find your site? And what blog posts have kept users on the site the longest? And which social media platform referred the most users to your site. If you had this insight you could spend less time guessing what you should do and more time knowing what you should do.

Data doesn’t lie.

Google Analytics gives us all of these answers. In the past (prior to February 2017) I would spend time each month paring down all of the data in Google Analytics into clear and concise performance reports that told an easy-to-understand story of our clients’ website each month. 

Not anymore. 

Claps for Google Data Studio.

This is our new favorite tool. With it we can deliver performance reports to our clients that look something like this.

Performance Reporting Google Data Studio

Top 5 Reasons Why Google Data Studio is Our Must Use Google Analytics Reporting Tool

  • The data is live. So the client can look at it whenever they like and it will be updated.

  • Google Data Studio is super customizable. Each client has different goals and strategies and I can create a custom dashboard for each client!

  • It is easy to share with clients and teammates.

  • Google Data Studio Makes it super simple to show clients how their site is performing in a non-intimidating way.


Are you ready to understand the story your data is telling?

Drop me a line and I will help amplify your voice. Build your megaphone and turn up the volume on your content.


And Twist.

The other amazing reason why Google Data Studio rocks is that we can pull in data from other sources. Like YouTube.

YouTube Performance Report
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