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Results from the SEO Challenge are appearing on Google

We are officially 6 weeks into the challenge, there are 2 remaining weeks. During the last two weeks, I will be writing about SEO + Social Media and Site Speed.

The news that I have this week is S O  B I G  that I have decided to skip a the informative blog post and simply post the results. Claps for that friends.

Clapping Dog Media is ranked on Google for 4 of the desired keywords, 2 of them have popped up within the last 2 weeks. Hooray!

SEO Results Importance of KEYWORDS

So these two, Importance of Keyword Research and SEO Tips and Tricks have popped up within the last two weeks.

“To get a green light”, position #35

“What is an SEO Audit” #82  appeared on google 3 weeks ago.

Certainly, I would like all of these positions to be lower, my goal is to be in the top 10 for all of these keywords as well as the rest of words on my curated list.

However, I am going to stop and celebrate. This is worth clappin’ about! Just 6 weeks ago Clapping Dog Media was not ranked (not found by google at all) for any of these keywords. Now I am found for what I want to be known for.

Once the clapping is done, it is imperative that you stop and say.

So What?

Are the keywords bringing in more traffic? More business? Are you getting more clients because of being found?  That is the big idea after all.

Check out this graph from my google analytics data. This is showing the amount of organic traffic to Clapping Dog Media over the last 4 weeks. Organic Traffic is the traffic that comes to your site as a result of unpaid search, meaning the audience googled and Clapping Dog Media appeared in the search results page.

organic traffic seo results

So that is pretty cool. But. So what. Who knows what 2.2K is? What does it mean?  Numbers only matter when they are compared to something.


But now. THIS.

comparasion organic traffic seo results


This is a comparison of the same time period last year.  The glorious and beautiful blue bar represents the SEO Challenge, the time when I have been actively, pursuing being found for specific keywords. LOOK.

So what do these Organic Search Results this mean?

On any given day, there is about 4.5 billion google searches a day. So last year, Clapping Dog Media was not optimized for SEO, it was not getting found. Last year, I was designing more and was not focused on SEO. I did blog semi-consistently, however I didn’t make the extra effort to write good Titles or Headlines or use strategic keywords or write alt tags. I just blogged and assumed that Google would find Clapping Dog Media, 63 little searchers did.  This month 2,200 did. Next month I expect it to grow exponentially.

Organic Search Results SEO Clapping Dog media

To get these totally awesome results, I have been doing good. Remember good business is good SEO.  I would totally encourage you to catch up and read the last several posts of the SEO Challenge.

Tips and Tricks for Titles and Headlines

The Ultimate Guide to Image Alt Tags

A Look at Keywords

If you want more than blog posts. If you want one on one help, more strategic tips, if you want to know exactly  if a keyword is good or not –sign up for Simple SEO School. Simple SEO School is a live training I will walk you through my simple strategy to get the same amazing results that I have–

This class is for content marketers, bloggers, VAs who work with clients and want to bring more value to their people, entrepreneurs who are launching services and need to grow their audience. This class is only 60 minutes and is packed with DIYable strategies that will give you the results that you need.

If you are serious about growing traffic, take the class and share it with your people.


(PS. Did you like the graphs in this post? They are included in the Google Analytics Package! I heart Data.)

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