30 Minute SEO: Using Tailwind for Pinterest

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We’re at the end of our 30 Minute SEO Series—this has been a popular series, and we LOVE hearing how these quick tips have helped you get on your way to great SEO without feeling overwhelmed. That’s our biggest goal here at Clapping Dog Media, so thank you!! We adore every one of you.

So—today we’re wrapping up this series talking all about how to maximize your social media for SEO, specifically with our favorite tool, Tailwind.

If you’re just joining us, here’s what we’ve talked about so far in this series.

How to test your site speed (and how to improve it)
How (and why) to update your alt tags
How to update your URL Slugs
How to create an editorial calendar
How to update your H1s
How to Organize your Website to get Great SEO

Today, we’re moving on to maximizing your social media for SEO.

The What

You know the answer to this one. It’s where you get all the inspiration for your cute next outfit, find out just what Kate Middleton’s baby bump looks like today, and of course, post pics of your daily latte. It’s social media, y’all.

But we should specify that while the principles we’re talking about here apply to all social media, the techniques we’re talking about are for Pinterest mostly, and a little bit about Instagram. We find that those are that platforms our audience is on, and of course, so are we!

(pssst: Want to find us on social media? Of course! Check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Let’s be friends!)

The Why

Ah, perhaps one of the biggest questions in all of SEO:

Does social media impact SEO?

Well, yes. But also not really.

“What…???” Read on, friends!

So, the number of followers you have, amount of engagement, etc does NOT affect your SEO rankings.

However, social media helps SEO in all the same ways that it helps your business overall.

What social media does for SEO:

1) Social Media builds brand awareness

When you have a strong social media following, high engagement, etc, you’re building brand awareness. You know this. So how does it help SEO?

People visit your site more often and bounce less. That improves SEO.
People share your content on blogs, etc. That improves SEO.

2) You build a strong audience

All those people on your social media get to know you and your brand, and then will search for things like “[your brand] [product you sell]”, when they land on your site, and find exactly what they’re looking for (because they know you have it), that tells Google that your site is legitimate and should be ranked higher for your particular types of products.

3) Your social media profiles show up in search engines

You’ve seen this–you search for a celebrity and immediately see their wikipedia page, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. It all shows up on the first page because those pages have been linked to so many times.

And of course, when those social media profiles show up on the first page of Google, it boosts your reputability, you get more engagement via those pages, and it all spirals upwards for great SEO.

So how do you maximize your social media profiles for great SEO?

The How

Our favorite tool lately is Tailwind, and we’ve collected some of our best tips (everything we’ve used to learn how to use it!)

Start here:

  • Read about getting the most out of your Tailwind membership
  • Find your top performing pin (via Pinterest Analytics) and make sure to repin that one with the most frequency
  • Upload several images per blog post to your Tailwind queue
  • Set up ‘board lists’ so you are able to schedule pins to multiple boards simultaneously
  • Set up any evergreen content to pin in an interval so it will continue to be seen

Then, once you’ve done most of the things on this list above, take it to the next level by doing these next steps:

Join Pinterest Group Boards
Before you dive into Tailwind we highly recommend joining a few ‘group boards’ on Pinterest. Look for industry relevant group boards by searching through profiles of pinners you admire in your industry. Read more about Pinterest Group Boards on the Tailwind Blog.

Join Tailwind Tribes
Similarly to a Pinterest Group Board we also suggest joining a few Tribes through Tailwind. These are similar to a group board: There are lots of collaborators and usually some set guidelines for uploading your own content and sharing the content of others within the Tribe.
Here’s a good explanation of Tribes from the Tailwind blog.

Friends, that wraps up our 30 Minute SEO series! Stay tuned for something really exciting coming your way in the next few weeks (hint: it involves presents!).

We’re always here for you for anything you need related to SEO. We’re cheering you on!

Clapping Dog Media Team

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