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The SEO Challenge.

My passion, my big WHY  at Clapping Dog Media is to help clients expand their influence and find their tribe. Until recently, I have focused on making things beautiful, (I buy wine based on the label, don’t you?) But then, I found performance data and the power an optimized site has to drive traffic, grow influence and give you the voice you deserve.

So now I am a data girl, a site optimizer, SEO guru, or whatever you call someone who tracks how google tracks you. This shift into site optimization has given me a new focus and excitement as I have gotten to witness significant client results.

BUT. I have pretty much left my site behind, leaving me feeling like a fraud because I am not being found by the right people for the right reasons.

I feel fraudish because I am NOT being found for what I want to be known for.

So I am launching into an 8 Week Challenge that Will Allow Me to Grow my Influence. In other words, I am going to practice what I preach. I am going do all of the SEO tips and tricks that I encourage my clients to do so that I can be found and known.

I need to realign the SEO optimization for Clapping Dog Media and I am inviting you to watch as over the next 8 weeks as I take of the necessary and mostly free steps to be found online.

SEO Challenge

How I want to be found.

I want Clapping Dog Media to be known as a company that:

  • increases page rank in search engines
  • increases the number of leads landing on your site
  • grows your influence online
  • helps busy entrepreneurs work smarter
  • makes SEO understandable and fun

because having a well developed SEO strategy does all of these things.

Ranking Keywords

When someone searches, I want to be found by my ideal clients  for all things SEO and Data Performance and Optimization. I currently am not. I am now found for a hodge podge of keywords that I have blogged about but don’t align with my big why.


Seems like a lot, maybe you can relate?

I have a proven plan that I am going to follow and will show all of the details as I go through each phase.

Here is how I am going to meet my goal of increasing page rank and growing my influence online:

Step 1: Baseline Report. I will conduct a thorough Baseline Report of Clapping Dog Media. This will give me the current words that I am being found for today, the rankings of the keywords that I want to be known for, complete backlink report, technical audit, competitive analysis, and referring page report. I will also compile all social media stats.

Step 2: Action Plan. Based on the findings in the Baseline Report, I will create a personalized plan to improve the SEO Optimization of Clapping Dog Media.
Step 3: Do the Work. This is where the work really begins, in this phase I will prioritize a list of must-dos and should-dos and do it!
Step 4: Track and Share Results. Each week I will post a progress report. You can track along with me the growth in page rank, keywords, and  influence.
Exciting right? Be sure to follow along as I post 1-2 times a week with stats!
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  1. Lotanna Ezeogu September 20, 2016 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Awesome job. I love that you’re bold enough to have us follow along. It shows you’re absolutely confident you’ll get results.
    I’m in…I want to improve my visibility online

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