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SEO Challenge — Week #3

SERP Position Clapping Dog Media

Here is a fun little graphic that I snagged for you to check out. It shows the number of keywords that Clapping Dog Media is currently ranking for within the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  I can get kinda sad about the few number of words in the top 20 but then that is what this challenge is all about. To change how Clapping Dog Media is optimized and to use the SEO Tips and Techniques that I teach clients for myself.  

Last week, I wrote about The Importance of Page Titles for SEO. 

The focus keyword that I used was SEO Tips and Tricks, it appeared in the post 3 times. I was also able to sneak in several other keywords into the post.

The post was a little over 700 words (shorter than I would like but it fit the topic).

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This post has been shared only 13 times! EGADS! The previous posts are 200+ shares!

6 Basic SEO Tips for All Podcasters Who Want to be Found

Do you have a podcast? Do you wonder how to make it findable on Google? Optimizing a blog post for SEO and optimizing a podcast episode are not that different, here are 6 basic seo tips that will help you be more findable in Google.

6 Basic Tips to get your Podcast episodes found by Google

Podcast SEO Tip #1: Create a page for each episode

This is super important.

Don’t skip this step. Because we will base all SEO steps from this page.

Create an individual page/post for each episode. Don’t have one looooonnnnng page dedicated for the podcast.  This is the page that will advertise and promote the podcast episode, it will also be the page that listeners will find your podcast on iTunes. When you create the page, be sure that you use a friendly URL, like yourdomain.com/episode148 or yourdomain.com/148 or even better use a keyword like yourdomain.com/seo-expert  something easy for you to say and easy for your listeners to remember. Here is a super example from Podcast Superstar Amy Porterfield.

Podcast SEO Tip #2: Put actual content on the page

Don’t just put the audio file on the page. Put actual content. Google can’t index audio files yet, Google can read but can’t listen just yet. So it will be on this page that you put the show notes, info about the podcast, info about the interviewees and etc. Like blog posts it is important to have at least 300 words on the page. Definitely include the audio file for users to download and listen too, but you need to have text, indexable, readable text that the Googlebot can read.

Podcast SEO Tip #3: Pick a  strategic keyword

This is a pillar of SEO. Keywords are the currency of search. Users use them to search for things and Google trolls the interwebs matching keywords to websites. It is super important when you are building a page for a podcast or for a blog post that you pick a keyword and stick to it. Use the keyword in the Title, the main headline, within the content, within image alt tags, and meta descriptions.

Podcast SEO Tip #4: Write good headings to be found

SEO gets way less complicated if you think of the Googlebot like a highschool freshman in english class. They read the big headlines first to get the idea of what the page is about. Headlines are not the place to be corny or funny. Take advantage of the Headline Analyzer and use the keyword that you chose.

Podcast SEO Tip #5: Use a DIY SEO Tool, I like YOAST

Be sure that you have an on page SEO Tool that helps keep the page focused. I am a wordpress girl so I use Yoast.  The Yoast Plugin is a key component to giving WordPress sites a high page rank on SERPs. I know that Squarespace does do a solid job on SEO features and functionality.

Podcast SEO Tip #6: Links are so important for SEO

Links. Links. Links. Links are so important. Every podcaster who wants to spread their online influence has to understand the power of links.  The big idea is to get and to receive as many legit links as possible. Check out The Inside Scoop’s example, they have a whole section dedicated to links.

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