Blog Your Way to KILLER SEO {5 Reasons Why}

Friends, we are all about using SEO to turn up the megaphone on your lovely voice. You are out there doing great things and the world need to hear about it! Today we’re talking about how to use your blog to get great SEO and amplify your voice.

It’s no surprise we love SEO–it’s our main jam over here at Clapping Dog Media. But here’s what we know: a fully optimized site only takes you so far in the SEO game.

Once your site is fully optimized, your next step to get great SEO is to blog regularly. (There’s a third step once you’ve gotten into a routine of blogging, so stay tuned for in the coming weeks!).

Pssst: We just finished our SEO Essentials Series, did you see it? We wrote about what SEO is, why you need it even if you get lots of referrals, the history of SEO techniques, the Essential SEO Glossary, and 5 ways to master SEO. It’s good stuff, so take a read!

So, why is blogging so important for SEO?

5 Reasons Why Blogging Gives you Great SEO


1.  Google sees each blog post as a site update. Why is this good? A recently updated site is immediately seen as more relevant than a stale site. It tells Google that you are more relevant, current and interesting. Compare this to the gorgeous displays in store windows–if they never updated them, would you notice them? Probably not. But a creative new Anthropologie window immediately turns heads. So fire up that google doc and draft a new post!

2.  A reason for people to visit your site! Traffic is one piece of the SEO game, but the bigger formula for blogging your way to good SEO is this:

Great Content -> More People on your Site -> More Shares & Links = SEO Boost!

3.  Keyword rich (note: not keyword stuffed!) posts tells Google who you are, and what keywords Google should associate with you. The more posts you write targeting a certain keyword, the more likely you’ll be to get found for that keyword. This is what our friends over at Bloguettes did, and they are now getting found on the first page for more than double the keywords than before!

4.  Blogging will help you build authority for your desired keywords. In addition to writing helpful content for your readers, blog posts written strategically for SEO will have a higher chance of getting found than posts that aren’t optimized.

5.  Your readers will genuinely like to read your site, and Google will take notice and reward you for it. This is the #1 way to increase your SEO: write great content. People who say “I write for people, not robots” haven’t noticed that Google has basically turned itself into a human robot. Google’s main goal is to help people find what they are looking for on the internet, so if you write great content that helps with that, then Google will notice and reward you.

Ok, so now that you know why to write for SEO, how on earth do you do that, how do you keep a constant flow of blog ideas?

Stumped for content ideas?

We have a few solutions for you:

  1. Stay tuned for our post next week all about getting a revolving door of good content ideas. It’s a new use for an old thing, and we love this trick!
  2. Look around your Facebook groups and old emails. What do clients ask you often? Write a post on it!
  3. Think about what you wish people knew about your industry…what drives you bonkers that you want to clear up?
  4. We offer content curation! Our super popular quarterly SEO service gives you a strategic editorial calendar based on data and our detailed keyword research, so you make sure you’re getting the most of your hard work.

Well, friends, stay tuned because posts #2 and #3 in this series dive even deeper into this topic! Next week we’re talking about how to get a revolving door of ideas for great blog content–and how to surreptitiously get inside your ideal client’s head while you do it.

How is your blog coming? Did you know that we edit and optimize sites for our clients on a monthly basis and help them build out an editorial calendar based on their keywords? If you blog regularly but want to make sure that your hard work is getting found by Google, we can help with that! Get in touch with us to chat more about it.


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