Is Your Business SEO Ready?

Is getting great SEO one of your main business goals this year?

Well, if you’re brand new to business, then maybe it shouldn’t be.

Here’s what I mean:

We fully believe that SEO is great for business (naturally), BUT if you don’t know who you are, who your clients are, or have a strong brand, then focusing your time on SEO is going to be like trying to hug jello. It’s just not going to work.

Read on to find out if SEO is a worthwhile investment for you in 2018.

You’re NOT Ready for SEO If….

You don’t have any blogs written, and don’t plan on writing them yourself or hiring someone to write for you

You don’t have a website up and running

  • It’s hard to be found online if you don’t have a website! This is a huge part of SEO (of course). We recommend getting a website with WordPress or Squarespace online ASAP if you don’t already have it. Not only will this help your business, it will give you a platform to start preparing for SEO.
  • We also highly recommend installing Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Not sure how to use it? We’re certified Yoast experts, and we can help! Send us a note if you need Yoast help.

You don’t know exactly how you want to be found

  • It takes some time and experience in business to know who your perfect customer is and what your signature offerings are. It’s important to know these first so that you can actively target the right kind of keywords that are competitive for your niche.
  • Try doing a few ideal customer exercises, like an empathy map.

Social Media isn’t your thing

I know, I know…we all have a love/hate relationship with consistent social media posting. But the truth is, having a consistent social media presence is a big part of getting great SEO. It drives traffic to your site, it creates the opportunity to get backlinks (from shares), and your activity on social is one piece of the puzzle that Google examines in determining how to rank your site.

Here’s how to start: If you’ve fallen off the social media train, just commit to posting 1-2X/ week. Talk about your work, talk about your clients, and engage with people that you’d like to get to know.

Also, if you need social media support, we can help with that too! We have a social media expert on our team, and we’d love to help you grow your presence in a sincere way.

You ARE Ready for SEO if…

You have clients/customers. And you really, really like them.

  • Your business needs to be making money to invest money, so it helps to have paying clients. And knowing that they are the kind of client you’d like to keep working with makes it easier to know who you’d like to attract in the future.

You have at least 6 Months of Blog Posts

You’ve set up a Google My Business Page

What to do next:

  • Website audit

If you’re not ready to invest in SEO, but you want to get a quick check-in, then sign up here for our SEO Audit. It’s FREE, and you’ll get a great overview of how Google sees your website and what you need to do next for SEO growth.

  • Contact us

If you’re reading this and realize that you’re in a prime position to invest in SEO, then we’d love to chat with you! We’re currently booking clients for our 5-month plan. We’ll give you the A-Z of SEO, creating the opportunity for amazing growth in your business!

  • Write, write, write (or hire someone to do it)

We can’t stress this enough: having lots of strong content is essential to being found online. We’ve done a whole series on this topic, so we won’t belabor the point, but we’ll just say this: if you don’t have lots of content, you won’t have good SEO. If you’re not up to writing for your blog (we so get it!), then we recommend hiring a content expert to strategize and produce SEO friendly content.

Work with a Branding Expert

To get clarity on your brand we recommend these highly brilliant ladies. You’ll leave with a clear vision for your brand, plus an external presence that creates opportunity to get found online

  • Prim’d Marketing: Sophie and Jenni create brilliant strategies and plans for meeting your goals with their Brand Plan. With their brains on your business you’ll get a clear understanding of your brand values, get core messaging, a thorough SEO report (from yours truly!), and wrap it all up with strong action plans that help you meet your goals.
  • The Greatest Story: Annie will give your brand clarity and a refresh with her signature storytelling techniques for your brand. She draws on her experience doing branding for Disney to give your brand an external aesthetic that matches your internal vision and expertise.

And Remember…

We can’t say this enough! If you are running your business in an ethical, honest, and sincere way, then you are well on your way to having great SEO.

90% of SEO is good business, optimization is the top 10%. We’ll elevate your good business with optimization, but it’s essential to have your business in motion with a strong foundation so that your SEO efforts will multiply the good work you’re already doing.

We’re cheering you on friends! We pulled together a checklist from the content in this post so you can have it handy as you prepare for getting your business SEO ready:

Download here: Click here to get your checklist!

Xo, Meg and the Clapping Dog Media Team

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