How to Write an About Page that Increases Conversions

We have a secret about “About Pages”…

They are not about YOU.

They are about your AUDIENCE.

Mind blowing, right?


That’s right…your about page isn’t the place to list all the things you love, like puppies, wine and Netflix (and really, who doesn’t like those things?). It’s the place to let your ideal client get to know you while you show her how you’re going to solve her problems.

So save the cute stuff for instagram.

I can already hear the protests…

But my website needs personality! I have to list things about me, otherwise, how will people get to know me?

Yes, your website needs personality. But it doesn’t come from listing all the things you’d rather be doing instead of working (like petting puppies, drinking wine, or watching Netflix. Can you tell we read that kind of stuff a lot on about pages??).

The personality on your website comes from the tone of your copy, your branding, your photos, and of course, your social media accounts.

So, now that we’re stepping off our “No Cutesy Things on Your About Page” soapbox…here’s how to get a great About page that converts traffic, builds your audience’s confidence in you, and helps you get great SEO.

First, ask yourself: why are people coming to you?

This is important, and if you do nothing else, do this.

Think about why people are coming to your site. It’s important to note that it isn’t because of what you offer. That’s all about you.

It’s because they want a solution, and your offering is the means to get there (hopefully).

So, what is that problem, and what results does your offering provide?

For example, here at Clapping Dog Media, we offer SEO Performance Reports. But no one woke up this morning wishing they had better meta tags and alt tags.

Creative entrepreneurs woke up this morning wishing that people could find their business easily via Google, and wishing that that traffic would convert into high-paying clients.


See the difference between highlighting an offering and highlighting a problem/solution?

Here’s another example, and it’s a bit more subtle.

One of our partners, Prim’d Marketing, offers an amazing service called The Brand Plan. This comprehensive strategy pack includes core messaging, market opportunity and trends, SEO reporting, and an elevator pitch (among many other things).

But, none of Primd’s clients spend their days wondering about the market opportunity and elevator pitch. At least not in those terms.

Their ideal clients wonder how to talk about their brand confidently, and wonder who out there needs their services. Take a minute and read their about page. Note the tone of it. The copy here is all geared towards what the customer is feeling, not what Prim’d offers (except for one section of the page).

Your about page (and really, every page) on your website needs to do this.

Because your clients/customers are googling their problems, not the jargon of your offering. So tailor your content to match their feelings.

Step #2 Use Social Proof

As braggy as it may seem, You need to use your about page (and every page) on your website to show how much other people love you.

It’s human psychology: we trust people and products more when we can see proof (however simple) that someone else has purchased and loved it.

You can do this in a few ways:

  • Use testimonials, with headshots
  • Show numbers (how many people have purchased from you?)
  • Show logos of brands who have hired you
  • Or a combo of the above

We totally do this! Have you seen our Page 1 Club?

No matter what you choose, find a way to show that other people, ideally those like your ideal customer, have purchased from you and loved the experience. You only need a little bit of this on your About Page, however. Feel free to sprinkle a bit more liberally on other pages, especially your sales and contact pages.

Step #3 Share about yourself…as it relates to the job

Yes, you should talk about yourself during this! Helping people get to know you is an important part of this page…but how you do that is essential. We’ll show you how.

#1 Keep it professional.

Imagine how you might talk to someone during a job interview…you would talk about your experiences, your greatest accomplishments, and probably sprinkle in a few tidbits about yourself, but that wouldn’t be the highlight of it. You might mention that you love a cup of coffee in the morning or that you have a dog. But you probably wouldn’t go on and on about those things…because you only have limited time with that interviewer. And you have even less time with a reader on your page, so strike a balance of 80/20 professional/ personal tidbits. The key here is to be professional while still being relatable.

#2 Tell people how you got into this work.

This is called the “origin story”, and we know that our brains love stories. People will pay attention longer if you tell them a story, and won’t feel like you’re selling to them (because you aren’t!). You’ll just be telling a story about yourself as it relates to the work, and in the process you’ll become much more relatable, human, and likeable. And that carries far more weight in terms of personality than listing all the things you love.

#3 Photos!

People looooove faces (have you ever noticed that social media posts with people in them perform much better than those without?). And having photos of yourself is a great way to connect with people. This will make a huge difference

There’s one caveat to this—not having professional photos. If you pepper your about page with iPhone snaps that aren’t lit well or well posed, then it will undo all the work you’ve done by following these other steps.

Give it a go!

There’s a lot of psychology in business, and this post hits a few essentials:

  • People love to talk about and hear about themselves
  • People are much more likely to buy when they see that others are also buying, and loving it
  • People like to buy from people they like and trust.

So follow these steps above to update your about page, and be sure to update your meta tags and descriptions while you’re at it.

PS–Are you wondering if your copy translates to good SEO? We can help make sure it’s working to get. Just send us a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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