30 Minute SEO: Create an Editorial Calendar

Why having an Editorial Calendar Boosts your SEO

Friends, welcome back to our 30 Minute SEO Series! We’re all about giving you quick, actionable SEO strategies that you can start and finish today.

So far in this series we’ve covered:

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We’re all about quick and brief, so we’ll get right to the point–you need an editorial calendar.

The What:

You know that blogging is good for business and good for SEO, right?

You know that Google sees your site as ‘fresh’ every time you put up a new post, right?


But we also know that the weeks get busy, and those things we all “mean to do” often get pushed aside in favor of those things we “have to do”. For many of us, blogging is a “meant to do that” kind of business task, week after week, until suddenly it’s been months and you haven’t blogged!

Enter the editorial calendar to keep you on track.

This tool isn’t fancy, but it’s powerful. It’s your plan.

A strategic editorial calendar is based on a few things:

  1. Your targeted SEO keywords
  2. What your audience is interested in reading
  3. What you feel comfortable and able to write about

An editorial calendar gives you an opportunity to create a plan for posts that fit one, two, or all 3 of those categories.

It gives you a chance to just decide ONCE what you’ll write about, rather than having to decide every time you sit down to write.

An editorial calendar isn’t fancy. It can be as simple as notes in a paper planner.

The important thing is that you have one…but why, you ask?

The Why:

Blogging brings you business. Simple as that.

We’ve done a whole series on blogging, so we won’t go into it all here, but the important thing to know is that Google likes blogs, and so do your readers.

Having an editorial calendar:

  • Gives you consistency, which creates expectation from your readers, which brings more traffic
  • Gives you a plan for moving forward, keeping you on track
  • Helps you monitor how often you’re targeting certain keywords
  • Helps you create quality content, rather than writing just to write
  • Allows you to plan for seasonality in your business, targeting certain keywords at certain times of the year (for example, if you sell planners, you might target that more in December/January)
  • Gives you time to plan ahead for major events in your industry

Are you convinced? Having a calendar keeps you on track and keeps you focused on doing the right thing, rather than just anything.

The How:

At Clapping Dog Media HQ, we love our editorial calendar! It gives us a chance to brainstorm and plan as a team, and to make sure that we’re making the most of our time together, since we’re a remote team.

How to create your own editorial calendar:

  1. Choose your frequency. Daily, weekly, or monthly–choose what you can reasonably do. What matters most is that you do it consistently.
  2. Study your facebook groups, glance at emails, or just think of FAQs from your audience. What do they ask? If you don’t have a big audience, study a competitor.
  3. Curate your list of keywords.
    • Don’t have any yet? Find out how to find a few, quickly, with the tips in this post.
    • It’s essential to do a deeper research into the right keywords for your business, and we can help you do that as part of our SEO packages.
  4. Choose a calendar style
    • Paper planners work if it’s just you
    • Digital planners like GCal, Asana, and Trello all work great for workflows and teams
  5. Decide your workflow. There are a lot of steps to writing a blog post, and the best way to not get overwhelmed is to break it up. This can include:
    • List of ideas
    • Draft writing
    • Schedule the post
    • Editing/Revisions stage
    • Select photos
    • Input into your blog
    • Publish
    • Promote on social media

This might sound like a lot, but each of these steps is quick, so take heart! You’ll have a fully functioning editorial calendar in no time.

And to help you get a jump on yours we’ve included a template here!

Give it a go!

We can’t wait to hear how creating an editorial calendar helps you plan your blog, stress less, and boosts your SEO! We’re cheering for you, friends!

Clapping Dog Media Team

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