The ONE Recommendation I make to almost every client (hint: think small)

We’ve talked about speed before a few times, including giving you tips on how to test your site speed, plus a whole post telling you all about why site speed matters and how to improve it.

You can read those articles (they’re juicy!), but if you’re looking for the TL;DR (web-speak for “too long; didn’t read”), here you go:

When a website is slow, your lose visitors. Period. And most of those people who leave will never (ever) return. You’ve spent so much time on social media, building links, guest posting, PR outreach, ads, and doing #allthethings to get people to your site, so wouldn’t it be terrible to lose them just because your site takes more than 2 seconds to load?!?

That’s right.

Two seconds. If it takes longer than that, most of those visitors are gone like yesterday, never to return.

Argh…I keep hearing about this. How do I fix it??

We’ve got you covered, friends.

We’d be our last bowl of ice cream that your site is slow because of too-large images. And if you’re someone with an image heavy site (we’re looking at you photographers and fashion bloggers!), then you’re all the more prone to this.

So, here’s the fix:

Make those images smalllllller.

I hear you–images need to be crisp and beautiful, especially if you’re a photographer or someone who leans on images. I’m not here to make your images blurry. Pinky promise. I’m just here to help you get your visitors to stick around and look at all those stunning images on your site.

image sizes

Our 3 favorite tools for making images smaller (and your site faster!)

Every time we do a performance report we test for speed, and at almost every single initial report we suggest that the client take steps to reduce their images. Annnd if you didn’t know, here are two of our favorite Performance Tests Pingdom and Test My Site with Google. These three wordpress plug-ins are our absolute favorite tools for this task and the ones we recommend the most. Depending on your needs, you may prefer one over the other.

Why we love it:

  • This tool works well, has a great wordpress plug-in and is easy to use. What’s not to love?
  • Great customer support, which is always nice.

You should know:

  • It isn’t free for data over 100MB, but it is cheap with plans starting at $5/month, and we think it’s worth it for the kind of service they offer.
  • Images are hosted on their servers, so if you’re extremely concerned about privacy, you might want to check with them about their policies on that.

WP Smush Pro

Why we love it:

  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Compresses files up to 32MB
  • Has done really well in performance testing

You should know:

  • Requires paid membership, which may not appeal to everyone
  • This is the revamped version of, which previously got bad reviews. The new Pro version has gotten great reviews, so keep that in mind when researching.


Why we love it:

  • You can optimize as you upload, which is great for ease of use.
  • Works well in compressing files without losing quality.
  • Easily convert file format if you wish, which may help you get a smaller image size
  • Great customer support
  • Includes lossy and lossless file compression (don’t know what that means? That’s ok. It’s really only something photographers might care about, so if you’re not a photographer, then you don’t need to worry about it.

You should know:

  • Requires a paid plan, but it’s very inexpensive.
  • There are so many options with this, which can be great, but it can also easily be overwhelming.

Don’t have WordPress?

That’s ok! You can still do this manually with these tools listed below. Just save the photo using the software (be sure to use the software’s version of a compressed image or “save for web”), then upload the resized image to your website platform.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • Affinity Photo (great alternative to photoshop)

Now go compress your images, and get a super fast site!

Friends, we hope this is so helpful! Does this make sense? Do you have questions? Let us know if this has worked for you, or if you have other great tips for making websites fast. We’re all in this together.

Clapping Dog Media Team

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