The Creative Entrepreneur’s Definitive Guide to Guest Posting

Have you ever considered guest posting? Have you ever done it? It’s an amazing way to get backlinks, get free marketing, and reach a whole new audience. Plus, you’ll build a relationship with the person you guest posted for, and that’s worth gold.

If you’ve ever wanted to guest post, but haven’t known where to start, we have a huge treat for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to guest post. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it is a curated list of some of our favorites, plus tips for how to get in there.

We’re so excited to share this highly valuable content that will save you HOURS of researching. We’ve done it all for you!

If you guest post anywhere, let us know! We’d love to hear your success stories. Also, if you know of another great resource we haven’t mentioned here, leave a comment. We’d love to add it in!

Getting great links to your site is the 3rd jewel in the crown of great SEO, with getting the technical side set up and having SEO friendly content as parts #1, and #2. We’ve had a great series full of rich information all about link building, starting with why backlinks are like People Magazine, and our top 10 tips for getting great backlinks. To get a great understanding of link building for SEO, give those a read, then get to guest posting!

Objectives of Guest Posting

Appearing to be “everywhere”

What kinds of publications does your ideal client read? Make a list. If you get featured in several of these publications over a short time frame (a month or so), your client will think you are everywhere. Suddenly, she’ll see you as an authority, just because of how frequently she has seen you posting.

This is the reason to go after niche sites that may not have a massive following or be a “strong” backlink in SEO terms. The goal here is to seem ubiquitous to your ideal client. You’ll be all over the place, at least in their world, and this makes you ‘internet famous’ (yep, just like a Kardashian, lucky you!).

Get Super Strong Backlinks

The other objective is to get featured on a blog that has high SEO authority, like the Huffington Post. Getting links to your site from HuffPo will be great for your SEO. And To say you’ve been featured there is also awesome. You’ll likely have less direct clients from this, but the SEO and credibility is totally worth it.

If you’re able to make both objectives happen at once, please tell us!

Guide to Guest Posting Blogs

Our Favorite Guest Post Spots

Think Creative Collective

  • Our dear friends (and clients!) at TCC have created more than just a community, they’ve created a movement, and we couldn’t be happier for them.
  • They are upbeat, fun, and doers, and any post that gets featured will be the same.
  • The goal here is to write something meaty and actionable. Ask yourself: what tips can I give that someone can implement today?

Huffington Post

  • Accepts republished content! This is GREAT news. Look into your Google Analytics to see your most popular content.
  • Read more in this great article about how to pitch HuffPo.

Rising Tide Society

  • This biz-bestie-building website values ‘community over competition’ so keep that in mind when posting. This is not a place for heavy pitching, but rather for sharing, sharing, sharing.
  • Pro Tip: join your local group for more in-person connections!

Clapping Dog Media

  • Yours truly here! We would love to publish your guest post on all things related to your SEO experiences, creative businesses, and life as a business owner.
  • Email with a few topic ideas to get started.

The Every Girl

  • We love this multi-faceted blog that makes us feel like we’re included and welcome.
  • They love to get guest posts about stories about your life, so take a peek into your online diary (aka your Instagram feed) for story inspiration.

Glitter Guide

  • Glitter guide is a lifestyle guide and collection of loveliness, and we just love their office tours!
  • This is great guest blogging opportunity if you’re looking to promote your name without necessarily directly promoting your business.

Life Hacker

  • Life Hacker posts several times a day about more efficient ways to do things in life. While this may not be your direct audience, a feature from them would be huge.
  • This doesn’t have to be directly related to your work. It could be anything business or life related. For example, here at Clapping Dog Media, we might write about how to efficiently manage a remote team.

Scary Mommy

  • More of a parenting site than a business site, but we know that you hard working mommas will have something to say that readers here will love!

Smart Passive Income

  • This amazing blog is for entrepreneurs who are working to create their own location independent and/or passive income businesses.
  • Pat loves posts by people that have something hugely valuable to offer, or from people that have a ‘success story’ about using one of his techniques.

OffBeat Bride

  • They love ‘industry insider’ information! So take a look if you’re in the wedding industry!
  • They have pretty strict guidelines, so read them carefully.


  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Medium. Consider this the low-hanging fruit of your guest posting initiatives.
  • Though it’s not exactly guest posting, it is a great way to build your brand on a large platform outside of your own. And because you control all the submissions, you’re free to post as often as you like and brand/link freely!
  • Great content gets boosted, so while you can publish anything and everything, it’s wise to make sure you work hard to publish your best.

Go Big!

Beyond digital: get featured in print and video!

Brit + Co

  • Perfect for anyone in the craft/handmade space. This is a great way to get in front of a huge audience with super pinnable content.
  • Bonus! Apply to be one of their course teachers! Have a business skill or craft skill you can teach via video? This is for you.

Belong Magazine

  • I LOVE this magazine. They have amazing, heartfelt content, and I’m so happy to say that Clapping Dog Media is featured in Issue #7!
  • You can also get featured in their business resources page. While not a link, you can use this to get in front of this audience.

Darling Magazine

  • A pub with a huge reach, perfect for those looking to bet lots of bylines. Not a great place to promote.
  • While they don’t take specific guest posts, they do accept submissions to be a contributor. If you’re looking to write consistently, this could be good for you.

Facebook Groups

  • You’re likely in facebook groups, and you can use your time on facebook to hunt for guest posting, interview, and podcast opportunities. We’ve used this approach to get multiple features, and it’s a great place to look if you’re just starting out! Word to the wise: be sure to follow the instructions for contacting people exactly.
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