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Does Google Even See Your Site?  Find Out with an Instant Audit.

The Clapping Dog Media SEO Strategy will enable you to maximize traffic that will support your business goals.

Simply wanting more traffic to your website for the sake of traffic is a cheap ambition.

But attracting engaged visitors who read your posts, subscribe your list, buy your products and try your services… THAT is impactful.

Traffic that converts. That is our goal.

Using data, technique, and tapping into years of experience, we will turn web visitors into raving fans.

content optimization

SEO is simple.

I know, I know SEO seems really complicated. There is that elusive algorithm and links and keywords and structured data and blogging. But really, the fundamentals of SEO are three things: Technical Optimization, Optimizing Current Content and Content Development.

Google needs to be able to read and crawl and your site, there are a bunch of technical things that go into this and we take care of it, but know that it is super important for Google to be able to properly crawl and index your site.

Are you found for what you want to be known for? Or does Google only know you for that one post that was super popular last year? This happens a lot and that is why it is super important to properly optimize all of the important content on your site.

Content Marketing, this is the plan to keep your fans coming back for what they want!

Clapping Dog Media has a 5 Month Phased Plan to implement your Custom SEO Strategy.

Baseline Audit

The goal of Phase 1 is to clearly understand your brand + to establish SEO goals. 

Phase Length: 1 month

Deliverables: SEO Audit

Custom Plan

The big objective of this phase is to build an actionable, tailored plan which includes technical + onsite optimization, content + social marketing goals, competitor analysis and targeted keywords.

Phase Length: 1 months

Deliverables: Custom SEO Plan for your Business

Optimized Website

Throughout Phase 3 we will implement the plan developed in Phase 2. 

Phase Length: 2 months

Deliverables: An Optimized Website

Demonstrated Results

We will demonstrate growth with organic traffic and keyword ranking. 

Phase Length: 1 Month

Deliverables: Performance Reports


Help you maintain results overtime as SEO and your business goals change. The maintenance plan begins after the initial 6 month plan has been completed.

Deliverables: Performance Reports

SEO Pricing

The 5-Month Pricing Strategy is dependent on:

  • the size of the site
  • the platform and  the number of platforms (blog + shop for example)
  • if you are at a transition in your site, it is more to maintain SEO with a new site design and cross platform
  • pricing begins at $500/month