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There are 4.5 Billion google searches a day.

Don’t you want to be found?

I thought so.


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Do you spend so many hours each week commenting in Facebook Groups hoping that potential clients would notice how smart you are and buy from you?

Do you write really good, helpful content regularly, but your site traffic doesn’t increase dramatically?

Are you planning on launching a new product or service this quarter and need a bigger list to make it successful?

Do you have SEO plugins but have no idea how to use it, so it gives you pains of guilt every time you see the red or orange bullet?

Girl. I hear you. Simple SEO School will help.

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Simple SEO School

Simple SEO School is Tuesday, November 1 at 1pm EST. Space is very limited. Recordings will be sent to all who sign up!

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Friends. I get it.

You see. I create Findability Reports for creative entrepreneurs. Which is a fancy way to say that I help you be found for the right reasons by the right people. I have dug deep into hundreds of websites to see why google passes up one site in favor of another. Time and time again. I see the same stinkin’ issues.

So, I have created a Simple System — one that works — that will turn your website into a traffic jam! My clients who use my system have moved up the google search ranks 40 to 50 spots in a matter of weeks using these same, DIYable steps.

I have compiled the simplest, most effective SEO tips and techniques into a step-by-step system, I call it Simple SEO School.

Imagine if clients found your website, read your amazing content and purchased your product without having doing the email shuffle?

Imagine if you could spend less time finding clients on social media because clients found you by searching?

Imagine if you had more time doing your favorite parts of your business because all of your blog posts were “marketing” for you?

Imagine if you were known by google for what you want to be known for.

Simple SEO School Will Teach You

  • How to write the best headlines
  • SEO strategies for WordPress and Squarespace
  • How to do write content that your people are searching for.

  • How to pick the best keyword and why
  • How to make your admin fast, why its very important
  • How to get a green light in Yoast, every time

  • How to be optimize a site for multiple keywords
  • Learn how to grow your list, without pop ups
  • Learn how to write amazing meta descriptions
  • Learn exactly where to put keywords in your blog post

Want some bonuses? You will get plenty!

  • Access to a private Facebook Group where Meg will have regular office hours
  • Free Skype call with Meg to review the findability of your site
  • Headline Worksheet: The best and worst headlines for google
  • The Ultimate SEO Tools List (All of the tools that I use to run my business)
  • Plus receive the Ultimate SEO Guide


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