Effective and Easy Ways to Grow Traffic with Pinterest (plus a video)

pinterest tips how to grow pinterest traffic

Over the last 3 months I have noticed a pretty slick trend with my analytics. Pinterest is the second biggest referrer of traffic to my site.

In other words, I get A LOT of traffic to my site from Pinterest. Wanna know what else? Because I regularly track data with Google Analytics I can see that the Pages/Session and the Avg Session Duration of the Pinterest Viewers is 3.34 and 4:05 (min) respectively, I know that the audience coming from Pinterest — is viewing more several pages and reading them.


The audience from Pinterest is my people.

This is a new and exciting turn of events, this data is legit and proves that my content marketing efforts are working.

Last Fall this was not true. I would know because  I keep monthly reports of site traffic—do you? I make them.

Last January, I enrolled in Melyssa Griffin’s the Blog Hive course. It was an intensive, excellent course. In it I  was schooled in using Pinterest for business — not just for recipes and paint colors. Now, I haven’t actually done everything that Melyssa told me too, but I have done a lot of the things and I have seen amazing results. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you check out her classes–she even offers a class on Pinterest.      

Hear me, I am not claiming to be an expert by any means on Pinterest, but according to my analytics I am getting a quality traffic from Pinterest to my site.

Here is a peek into my Pinterest Strategy.  

First things First, I Cleaned Up All of My Boards

  • Edit, Edit, Edit all of your Boards– make all personal boards secret. I still have boards for recipes and one-day-kitchen-remodel, but they are just secret!
  • Have a to-the-point profile–(What Do You Do, What Should Others Care?)
  • Brand the cover images (I haven’t done this yet)
  • Delete unnecessary pins
  • Create pinnable images with clean text, my pinnable images are 735 x1100

PRO TIP: Write detailed, keyword-heavy descriptions for your pins. Pinterest is a huge, relevant search engine. The only way for your pins to be found is to write detailed descriptions.

Add Good Stuff to Your Boards

  • Pin, Pin, Pin, the rule of thumb is 80/20 for repins. 80% should be other people’s content 20% should be yours.
  • A good goal is to have AT LEAST 50 pins in each board and have 12-15 business boards.
  • Make the first board all about your business, so mine is CLAPPING DOG MEDIA, all about your brand, pin your stuff in this board.
  • Join Group Boards, group boards are shared boards where many people can post to one board. The goodness of participating in a shared board is that your pin will be seen by literally hundreds if not thousands of people. There are exactly a bazillion of group boards on Pinterest and each one has it’s own rules for posting to it, find a few to be a part of. I am a regular poster of these. You know it’s a group board because of the icon in the upper right box.

PRO TIP: You can pin the same pin to several boards. Pinterest will not flood your followers feed with the same pin multiple times. Some people don’t follow all of your boards but only some of them. 




Once your board is in good shape, the best tip ever is BOARD BOOSTER.  The looping feature in Board Booster will keep your Pinterest account active by automatically pinning throughout the day so that you can greatly increase your reach and audience. I KNOW that Board Booster is the reason traffic to my site has increased dramatically from Pinterest.  Check out this video for a HOW TO

For more tips on Pinterest, I enjoyed reading this and this.

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