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Logo Design

Design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

This week we are finishing up a project for FureverK9. FureverK9 is a brand new company.  When the owner Lauren, approached CDM (Clapping Dog Media) she came with a whole lot of experience with dogs, the name Fureverk9… but not a whole lot else.

She needed a Logo, Colors, Tagline, Website, Facebook page + graphics, business cards and etc.

We started with the logo.

Always start with the logo. You may be tempted to jump ahead and begin with a website–it makes sense to drive customers to a site– sell, sell sell! New companies do need $$ after all. But, as a new company it is really important to present your self as a professional, consistent brand from the beginning. Take the time to create a logo, develop an identity package (colors, tagline, business cards, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest profile images) and then use that identity to create a website.

Logo design is one of the most challenging aspects of design.

Logo designers have to visually communicate what a company does in 2-3 seconds, beautifully. And. The logo should look good on a large scale, say on a billboard, and small, on a business card. The logo also has to print well on a tshirt, and on a pen, and on a dog leash as is the case for FureverK9. The logo should look great both in color and in black and white. Logo design is not just a pretty mark.

Now, back to FureverK9. We thought it would be fun, to show you all of the logo options that CDM presented to Lauren throughout the design process. To give you an insiders peek at our process.

We presented 5 unique designs each with color options and with/out tagline. Once the client narrowed on a design she liked, we played with the font and colors more.

It is important to note that Lauren was SUPER to work with. She was decisive, she asked for our opinion, she took advice and she knew what she wanted. Lauren = ideal client.

Here are the initial options presented to the client.

FK_font3 Fk_opt4b Fk_opt2 Fk_opt1


And here are the color variations after she selected a mark.

FurverK9_colors1 FurverK9_color6 FurverK9_color4 FurverK9_color2

Drum roll please……may I present to you the final logo.


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