Instagram 101–How to find your friends, gain followers and have fun on Insta

Insta is my favorite form of online sharing.

I snap pics on my phone, select a filter and post. The entire process is finished in under 3 minutes. It’s fast. It’s fun. And it gives my friends an idealistic view into my day. My instagram feed is filled with pics of my people, food, funny things (read: funny to me), Clapping Dog Media promotion, and re-gram instas from my friends that I think are awesome.

When I snap a pic with my phone, I do take a 3-sec pause and think….will anyone else want to see this?  Or is this just another cute picture of my people. If it passes muster, then I will post it on Insta. When I look at Insta on my phone I want to see snapshots of real life that connects me to the people and businesses that I follow. So I do make a conscious effort to ensure that my feed isn’t just pictures of Stella the yellow dog and Jonah the cutest 2 year old in the world. I mean, for-realz, enough already.

If you are new to Instagram, here is how you can find your friends.

1. I am your friend. You can follow me by going to and click FOLLOW.

2. To find your other friends. Click on the button that is on the bottom, far right.Then, click on the gear icon in the upper right–the SETTINGS icon, next to your user name.

Here you can find friends that you are friends with on Facebook who are also on Instagram

You can also find Instagrammers who are also in your contacts

and… further Instagram will suggest people to follow based on people you already follow and like. Simply click the add button to the right of the profile name and in no time your feed will be filled with cool instagram images.

I follow a mix of fabulous Instagrammers, here are a couple of my favorites.

Of course, my feed is jammed family, friends and neighbors because I do want to see what they are eating for dinner, their kids and see the snapshots into their days.

I also follow super influencers like @jessaconnolly she is the owner/artist/co-founder of Naptime Diaries and the Influence Network. I am a big fan of both.

And. Unlock Hope. This is an apparel company that gives money to help feed, clothe and educate girls in Uganda with each purchase. I follow and support them.Let’s chat about the #.

I just read one of those snarky ecards that said something like, “I am so old I remember when a hashtag was called a pound sign an before that we played tic tac toe on that thang!”

So hilarious and so true. And it was only like 5 years ago. Internet years are like dog years, 3 months=1 year.

So. Really, what is up with the hashtag? Hashtags enable you to tag photos so that you can search similar images. Adding tags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people.

Let’s say you have posted a photo of a free giveaway, like I did a few weeks ago, and tagged it with #freegiveaway, #necklace, #clappingdogmedia, #GSF,  #LinkinProfile now all of those # are searchable. So if you search in Instagram for freegiveaway you can find my post. I gained several new followers with this one posting.

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