Social Media Traffic–is it working?

Whether you are actively using social media or not, nearly all sites will find that they receive traffic and engagement from social media–be it Facebook, Insta, Pinterest or another channel.  This is because even if YOUR brand isn’t active on social media you can bet that your audience and customers are on social media.

Do you have a favorite social media outlet? Do you post regularly? Do you know if your posts drive more traffic and paying customers?

I can help you figure out if your Instagram posts are turning hearts into dollars.

By measuring Social Media Referrals I will capture and report on social data showing you (or your client if you are a services provider) how well each form of media performed over time. We can track top social networks as well as local review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Once we figure out which channel is sending the most traffic, then:

  • we will see if the users are engaged by how many pages they viewed,
  • how long they were on your site and
  • which pages were the most popular.

Why is this important? How does this increase your bottom line?

(so glad you asked) It gives us important information about the actual visitors to your site. Like….what types of media they prefer. Let me explain. If your audience is coming from Pinterest or Instagram then they like pictures, so pump pictures within your posts and divide up the text with visuals, make changes then see what happens to conversions.

If Twitter is your biggest referrer then I would suggest short, easy to digest posts, because your audience is likely visiting on a mobile device.

Not only does Social Media tracking tell us how to better manage your site, but it also tell us which platforms to focus on.

Are you guessing which platform is right for your business? Are you sharing and engaging with YOUR raving fans? Do you know?   Would you like to know?

If you want to know where your audience is coming from. Let me know. I will help.



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