Blogging 101: Affiliates

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Hello again, it’s me Meg, the main belly scratcher and dog hair vacuumer here at Clapping Dog Media.

Today I am going to write about AFFILIATES–exciting stuff in blogland. So, if you currently have a site or are thinking about getting one. Grab a popcicle and read on.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money with your blog quickly–no need to wait until your readership grows or until you have a library of posts. You can get started making some money from your blog right away. I just recently learned some super interesting facts that I found especially blogworthy. So listen up all you clients and friends out there--I am talking to you people involved in an Adoption, and you involved in a Ministry and you to who sell stuff. Pay attention. This is big.

An affiliate program is a pretty basic concept. You (the blogger) link to a certain product or service from your website. If a person/reader comes to your blog, clicks on the link, and decides to buy the product then you get a certain percent of the sale.

CDM has affiliates listed on our Resources page.

So, let’s say that someone comes along and wants to buy a WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes, they click on the link from our site and purchases a theme. BAM! CDM would get 50% of the sale. Easy, passive income.

A lot of companies offer some type of affiliate program. So far CDM averages about $175-225 a month in affiliate earnings.  This money is great, but it wasn’t until I read about the Amazon Affiliate Program that I got really excited.

Amazon has an affiliate program that returns 4-6%. Let’s say, that I love this water bottle and encourage everyone who reads the blog to go buy one today because it is super great.  Well I would get 4% of each sale. You can see how this would work for Food Bloggers, for example, they would link to their favorite kitchen products. Dog Trainers could link to their favorite dog products and etc.

Well this gets really cool, when you want to raise money for say an Adoption or a Ministry. Get this. You set up an affiliate program for the group you want to support, then you tell all of your friends in real life and on Facebook and on Twitter that whenever they want to buy anything on Amazon to use that specific affiliate link and you will make 4% on all of the sales. BAM.

Here is an example of a successful adoption funding story.

Awesome right? Think of the possibilities.

Here is a super helpful video on how to set up an Amazon Affiliate link from OhAmanda.

A  portion of all money made by Clapping Dog Media is sent directly to Good Shepherds Fold orphanage in Uganda. 2/3 of the Team Clarke dudes have been adopted from GSF.


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