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Designing Websites is super fun. But print design is also awesome.

This past week, I had the opportunity to design fancy business cards for my mama, AKA Mimi. Mimi has many talents; she makes the best Peach Pie in all of the world, she can calm any baby, and she has been a high school teacher for, well, forever.

Mimi has decided that she wanted to take on a new challenge. Why not, right? She recently discovered a  fabulous product (they were a favor at a wedding), Ella B Candles, and decided that she wanted to sell them. So, she called the company and said, “Hi, I like your product and I think that I can sell them for you.” So gutsy, so fantastic. The candles are not sold directly to the consumer, but sold only through fine stores. As it turns out Ella B Candles did not have a sales rep in Virginia, they do now.

Mimi needed business cards, so Clapping Dog Media got right to work.

Everything about the candles are fancy—the scents, the packaging, the ribbons. Everything. I wanted to make sure that the business cards were also fancy. Each candle is elegantly packaged with a simple, silver bee sticker. I used the silver and the bee as the main branding element for the business cards. And then. Just to step it up a bit. I employed an old-school printing technique to add shimmer. I used a spot varnish or sometimes called a spot gloss on just the bee to make it shimmer. Do you see it?  Do you think it is extra fancy?

I had these printed at VistaPrint. 2 sided, 250 printed for about $40 (print cost). If you are interested in having your own fancy, shimmery business cards printed, contact Clapping Dog Media.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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