Give Back for Good–A Heart for Sharon


2/3 of my boys are from Jinja, Uganda.

Adoption is an awesome experience, both incredibly joyfilled yet also filled with poverty and pain at the same time.  The first few years of Joshua and Isaacs life, were very difficult. If it were not for a handful of loving, selfless people who cared for my boys while they were in Jinja it is very likely that they would not have survived.

My boys’ first home was, Good Shepherds Fold. GSF is a wonderful orphanage & school, I do my best to keep up with the families and the caregivers there. I like to chat with them and if ever there is a way for me to help them, I do. They do good work. A few weeks ago, I received an urgent need from the caregivers at GSF, these sorts of cries for help don’t come often, so when they do come, I take notice.

It was about a girl named Sharon.

Sharon is a teenager and is involved with the school at GSF but recently had to stop going to school because she is sick.

Sharon is in desperate need of heart surgery. She has a condition known as RHD with severe mitral regurgitation and mild pulmonary hypertension–something that is complicated here in the U.S., but is a near hopeless diagnosis in the developing world. Her mother is unable to afford the $3500 needed to send Sharon to Kenya for the surgery. It is hard to imagine. But. I think we can work this sad situation out for good.

Together can we help get Sharon a new heart. This is how it is gonna work.

If you give to Sharon. Anything. $10, $25, $100 towards her surgery.

I will give you….LOTS:

One fabulous, custom report that your business will use to decipher google analytics and gain insights into key metrics of your audience.

The report  is easy to read and breaks down only the important metrics that matter–because let’s face it, logging into Google Analytics can be overwhelming and hard.

I will cut through all of the confusing stuff and make it clear and show you only the stuff that matters to your business.

You will also get a 30 min SKYPE call with me to set up goals and an action plan for your business based on the report.

GIVE to Sharon and GET a Free Report  + 30 minute video call with me!

After the initial freebie report + call ($250 value) you will have the option of buying additional reports.


I believe that God has called us to spend our lives giving and serving others. I also believe that doing good is good business. So I use my 15 years of design experience to help businesses expand their influence for good and to give back, it’s designed for good.

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