How to Set Up Gmail with a Custom Domain

When a social good, creative business comes to Clapping Dog Media for design work, I do way more than just design. I help them set up hosting, manage their SEO, track their analytics, design and print business cards. I also help my clients get set up with a Gmail for Business.

Most webhosts offer email services for free with the domain name in it you know like  The problem is that normally the free interface is terrible–organizing and tracking email is the pits, leaving my clients with basically two options:

  1. Having a professional email but with a terrible mail interface   OR
  2. Going back to a free version of gmail with something like– which is not very professional but is an easy interface to use.

Neither of these options are awesome.

The best solution that I discovered is Gmail for Business. It is an expensive option ($5/month per user) that allows you to have a professional gmail account. I use it for Clapping Dog Media and so do my clients. And bonus it is super easy to set up.

It is very easy to set up a professional gmail account using your domain name, let me show you how!

Here is how to create a custom domain email address with Gmail:

  1. Purchase the Domain Name.
  2. Visit the Google Apps Site Here.
  3. Start the Free Trial and set up your account.
  4. There are two options for the account, Express and Custom, I suggest Express.
  5. Now you will need to verify your domain name. The easiest way is to insert code into your sites home page. To do this, you need to copy a provided code into your website’s <head> section.  Most WordPress themes have a a place for this in the Site Options area, there are also some plugins that will allow you to put content directly into the HEAD area, but it depends on the Framework and theme.  Then just copy the code that Google provides in that section. 
  6. Click Verify.
  7. Once you are done login to your Google Apps account and click Users. There will see an option to add new users (i.e. custom email addresses) Adding a new user is $5 per user, per month or $50/year. 
  8. And you are finished. 

If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

Also, I have lots of coupons to share for 20% off Google Apps, but you have to email me to get one, each code is unique.  If you want one, I promise to be extra speedy and send it to you asap!

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