SEO For Copywriters

The Best Content Strategy: Content Clusters

Content clusters aka Pillar Content is the (easiest) and most effective way to build a content strategy. Content Clusters are an SEO strategy designed to optimize a website's structure and internal linking by organizing content around your pillar ideas. This content...

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How to Optimize a Blog Post

In this video, Meg walks you through Step by Step how to properly optimize a blog post. Quick Checklist for Optimizing a Blog Post Write easy-to-understand post title Break up content with headlines Include visuals Add external links Add Internal links Write a meta...

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5 Steps to Conducting a Content Audit

Let's be real. The word AUDIT has a negative feel to it. And just like the negative vibes of SEO, we here at Clapping Dog Media are here to change the story. Content Audits are key to understanding your audience and increasing the organic traffic to your site. What is...

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