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Knowledge Base: For Site Owners

The Best Content Strategy: Content Clusters

Content clusters aka Pillar Content is the (easiest) and most effective way to build a content strategy. Content Clusters are an SEO strategy designed to optimize a website's structure and internal linking by organizing content around your pillar ideas. This content...

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SEO 101 – Start Here

SEO 101 This video covers the foundations of SEO. This 30min video is for everyone -- those who are new to search and those who have been running a business for a long time. This class on SEO will provide a solid foundation and general understanding for SEO.  What is...

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How to Optimize a Blog Post

In this video, Meg walks you through Step by Step how to properly optimize a blog post. Quick Checklist for Optimizing a Blog Post Write easy-to-understand post title Break up content with headlines Include visuals Add external links Add Internal links Write a meta...

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How to Create SEO Friendly Podcast Show Notes

Does Podcasting Help SEO? If we had a dime every time one of our clients asked us this.... well you know how it goes.  Yes, the answer is YES. Podcasts are great for helping businesses grow their brand awareness.  Remember, creating fresh new content always helps SEO....

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What to Write About This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is here and it is a fantastic time to create content that will drive traffic to your site and help you connect to your audience. After monitoring sites from many different industries over several years, we have discovered that there are a few types...

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Google Visual Stories (aka Web Stories): A Complete Guide

This is a Complete Guide for Google Web Stories. We are going to cover: What are Google Web Stories How to View Google Stories Why We Like Google's Web Stories The SEO Benefits  How to Create a Visual Story Tips for Creating a Web Story We actually created a Web Story...

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Why is Website Architecture Important for SEO

Picture this, you are in a hurry to get dressed and out of the house immediately.

You run into the closet, which is a mess, and frantically look for your favorite red cashmere sweater, black jeans, and new pair of suede wedges.

But they are very hard to find. This is essentially what Google does.

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