SEO 101: Start Here

9 Metrics that Successful Online Businesses Track

Knowing what success metrics to measure in your business can be intimidating. Whether it is social traffic, the ranking keywords on page 1, or the most read blog post of the year – there is a lot of metrics that businesses can monitor to gauge how the business is...

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your SEO in 2023

Most things in life are simple, but are not easy. Let’s take health as an example. We all know that we should eat fresh, whole foods and avoid processed, sugar-laden foods. That sounds simple, but it isn’t easy when Oreos are delicious and so is ice cream. via GIPHY...

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Social Media and SEO – Which Platform is Best for SEO

Social Media. Recently those two words have made even the most optimistic marketer cringe. In some ways, it feels like the golden age of social media and online business has lost its luster. What used to work no longer does, Facebook ads, anyone? Now with so many...

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SEO 101 – Start Here

SEO 101 This video covers the foundations of SEO. This 30min video is for everyone -- those who are new to search and those who have been running a business for a long time. This class on SEO will provide a solid foundation and general understanding for SEO.  What is...

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How to Optimize a Blog Post

In this video, Meg walks you through Step by Step how to properly optimize a blog post. Quick Checklist for Optimizing a Blog Post Write easy-to-understand post title Break up content with headlines Include visuals Add external links Add Internal links Write a meta...

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Why is Website Architecture Important for SEO

Picture this, you are in a hurry to get dressed and out of the house immediately.

You run into the closet, which is a mess, and frantically look for your favorite red cashmere sweater, black jeans, and new pair of suede wedges.

But they are very hard to find. This is essentially what Google does.

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