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Seo Strategy

Thank you for all of your hard work! I have noticed some extra sales coming in from Google and even googled a few of my products and they were in the top listing instead of being 3 pages down!

Banky Girl Creations

In November of 2016 the number of keywords that were driving Bloguettes organic traffic was 1488, now just 11 months later in October 2017 the number of ranking keywords is 6140!


Hi there! I’m Meg the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media.

I’m an expert at connecting the dots of data to get your business found. 

I’m a designer at heart, but when I had web design clients I saw a huge problem…they had gorgeous websites but they weren’t getting found. What’s the point of a beautiful site if no one can find it?

So, I knew that SEO was the ticket to getting found online, so I traveled the (digital) world and learned everything I could about how it works. The things that are constant about SEO, and the things that change often, I learned them all.

I’m here for good. For all of the businesses, big and small, who are doing good work for good people, I’m here for you. I’m here to give your business a megaphone, to give your business as much Google-juice as possible so that your small business is a big spot on the map for what you want to be known for. Your dream clients ARE looking for you, and I’m going to make sure they can find you. Ready to get found?

 The best part? I have an amazing team of SEO rockstars

And when you work with Clapping Dog Media, you have an amazing team of SEO rockstars too.  

Rachael Allison
Rachael AllisonSEO Content Writer
Rachael gets her mail in Austin, TX but is usually somewhere around the globe with her handsome husband. She’s our resident wordsmith and is the fastest-fingers-in-the-West-writer behind all our educational blog posts.
Ashley Pyle
Ashley PyleSocial Media Marketing
Ashley Pyle is the smarty pants behind all our social media posts, and definitely has the best hair in the midwest. She loves living that soccer mom life in snowy Minnesota with her two kiddos and husband, Doug, and is an expert at styling a room to perfection (girl even got a degree in it! (Interior design…not soccer mom life)). We love Ashley because she’ll always make us laugh with her quick wit (and oh, that hair!).