Design and data, paired to help your good go faster and farther. Now that’s something worth clapping about.

In addition to the designing, developing, auditing and analyzing that make up my day’s work, I’m here for the clapping that defines my life’s work. Like breathing or blinking, it’s something I don’t think twice about, but end up doing every day like it’s my job – because if I’m being honest, it totally is.

Positive client feedback? Clap! New logo design I’m digging? Clap! Good news from a child I sponsor? Clap! And every time I clap, my sweet yellow lab Stella is there to wag her tail, her way of celebrating the good with me and being the cheerleader I need to cheer others on.

My business is the feedback loop that allows me to support and be supported, to lift others up and shine a light on businesses who are so often left in the dark unknown of branding and marketing.

From trendy boutique agencies to large firms, small churches to large international businesses, I’ve had the opportunity to design and manage projects on a shoestring and without abandon… and just about everywhere in between.

After several years of rocking the role of mama-in-chief at home to three boys, I took a deep breath and did something brave. In January 2015, a few friends asked me to do some pro bono design work for them.  I said yes without hesitation. I wanted my skills to be of service to people who were deep in the work of serving others themselves.

From that day forward, I said yes to every project that fell into my lap, and treated every one of them like an opportunity to invest in others, just as so many others had invested in me.

I soon realized that I wasn’t just staying busy by helping my friends on the side anymore. I was carving out my own place in the world as an encourager and a creative companion whose work lifts up businesses and organizations that are ready to fly.

Clapping Dog Media Helps the Helpers By Understanding the Data

Today, I’m excessively passionate about helping the helpers through design that makes people lean in a little bit closer and data that allows businesses reach a little bit higher. If you ask me, doing good is more than just looking good – it’s about knowing how to do more good with less friction.

ubuntu, it is the belief that loving people is life’s greatest profit.

I work hard so that I can love well. In the summer of 2015, I was able to visit Uganda to encourage and invest in the many #mamaceos who are hustling to take care of their families.