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Hi. I am Meg.


I am a prominent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional based in northern Virginia.

I am the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media. I have curated a team of brilliant SEO professionals that serve dozens of clients across many different industries.

Beyond client work, I am passionate about sharing the power of SEO with others.  You can catch me on podcasts where I discuss how businesses can use SEO to grow and reach a larger audience. I am also frequently invited to teach our SEO best practices to mastermind and membership groups.

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Other Fun Facts about Meg

  • I am an Enneagram 7. I am optimistic and enthusiastic. 
  • I have been married to Mike for a zillion years. We first met in middle school then lost touch and met again in college at James Madison University.
  • I have 3 boys – Joshua, Isaac and Jonah
  • The name Clapping Dog Media was inspired by my time working in my office with Stella, a cheerful yellow lab.  Whenever I would get excited and clap (which was and is often), Stella would come out from beneath my desk, happily wagging her tail. It was her way of joining in on the excitement. Stella died in 2017 but Vader, a goofy doodle, continues her legacy.
  • I was on Wheel of Fortune and won a trip to Curacao.

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