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SEO for Wealth Management

Project Description

This client engaged with Clapping Dog Media when they expanded beyond their flagship location into a total of five office locations. The wealth management firm needed to grow the new client base in these new locations. Recognizing the competitive landscape of the financial advisory sector, the firm aimed to position itself as a leading choice for potential clients seeking expert financial guidance.


The primary challenge was to distinguish the firm in a highly competitive market, particularly in the wealth management domain where trust and credibility are paramount. The firm needed to effectively reach and engage potential clients in each of its new locations, highlighting its unique value proposition and expertise in financial planning.

The firm was committed to leveraging both their website and social media platforms to regularly share insightful content on financial planning and wealth management.


We collaborated closely with the firm’s marketing team to develop a multifaceted strategy tailored to their specific client profiles. We conducted extensive research on key topics such as retirement planning, investment strategies, and estate planning, ensuring the firm was seen as a trusted authority in these areas. We optimized their extensive archive of articles to show potential clients (and Google) that the firm had expertise, authority and could be trusted. After we aligned the existing content,  we created a new data-driven, content strategy for all of the locations.

Our approach included a thorough analysis of competitor content strategies and a complete content audit to identify gaps in the firm’s current approach. A comprehensive technical audit was also carried out to optimize for location-based searches and improve the site’s visibility on search engines.

We implemented a twelve-month intensive strategy, focusing on content creation, SEO optimization, and targeted digital marketing.


  • The firm experienced a 41% increase in total website traffic, signaling heightened interest and engagement from potential clients.
  • Organic traffic saw a notable increase of 47%, demonstrating improved visibility and ranking in search engines.
  • The number of location-based keywords ranking on page 1 surged by 33%, enhancing the firm’s local search presence for each location.
  • Within the 6-month period, the firm’s financial planners reported a steady influx of new clients, meeting their expansion goals.


Project Details
Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Site Development North Star Sites