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SEO for a Therapy Practice

Project Description

The client engaged Clapping Dog Media for SEO guidance, because they were planning on a comprehensive website overhaul. They worked with a brand strategist and a web design team to rebuild their entire site. The client wanted to grow their already thriving in-person therapy sessions and add two additional offerings, virtual support groups and continuing education for therapists.

The Challenge

There were many challenges to overcome. First we needed to maintain the SEO health of the old site when the new site was launched. The client didn’t want to experience a drop in their current traffic levels. Next our focus shifted to increasing the sites authority for both support groups and continuing education.

Solution Highlights

We worked closely with the client, the brand strategist and the web development team to ensure a seamless and  successful SEO experience for the client.  We did extensive keyword research and created a comprehensive keyword map for each page on the new website. Additionally, we developed a content strategy aimed at enhancing awareness of the support groups and the newly introduced Continuing Education (CE) classes.


+ Post the website launch, total traffic has increased by 10% month over month

+ Organic traffic increased by  15% month over month

+ The number of ranking keywords for words related to Virtual Support Group went from 0 -40 in less than 2 months.

+ Patients are getting the help and support they need by participating in the clients online support groups.


Project Details
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Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Site Development North Star Sites