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SEO for a NYC Pediatrician

Project Description

The client came to Clapping Dog Media because she wanted to increase the number of pregnant patients in the practice. Pregnant patients were not only the most profitable types of patients in the practice, but also their speciality.

The Challenge

The challenge was to stand out amongst all of the other pediatric practices in NYC. Selecting a doctor for a newborn is a big decision, so the site needed to be a hub of helpful content that families with new borns and young children used as their go-to resource.

The client was committed to posting quality content on both social media and the site on a consistent basis.

Solution Highlights

We worked closely with the client and the social media strategist to build a comprehensive roadmap that met new moms where they were. We  researched key topics like  car seat safety and dosing for over-the-counter medicines and how to know the difference between RSV, the Flu and Covid. We provided the expertise  and trust that patients were looking for.

We looked at the competitors and learned what content they were ranking for. We also completed a full content audit to understand what knowledge gaps we had. In addition, we conducted a thorough technical audit to ensure that they were found for location based searches and that Google was crawling and indexing the site well.

We initially engaged in a six month commitment, because the efforts have been so successful we are now on a monthly retainer.


  • Total traffic increased by 70%
  • Organic traffic increased by 77%
  • Ranking keywords increased by 116% with over 44 on page 1
  • Within 10 months we were able to consistently attract the clients goal of 40 new moms a month!
  • Our client was able to grow their business and has plans to expand to a new location.
Project Details
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Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Site Development North Star Sites