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The Next Big Thing in Search – Creator Led Content

Real. Human-made. Authentic. Actual Experience. Transparency. This is the future with AI. Teasing out what is really real and what is AI generated is what us marketers have to do. As the world speeds into the vast, ever-changing world of Artificial Intelligence, the marketing world is going  equally fast in …

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Does Google Penalize AI Generated Content?

In this post we are going to explain Google’s opinion on AI generated content (the answer has shifted a lot!) and we are going to give practical ways to use AI to create high quality content (that Google will love). Will Google Penalize AI Generated Content? This is a confusing …

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9 Ways Data Dashboards Help Businesses Grow

Too much data can be overwhelming. Everyday we are flooded with all sorts of different numbers. On our wrist, there are stats on how many steps we have taken and how many hours we slept. In the news, there are statistics about climate change and the economy. Then there is …

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