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LinkedIn’s two factor advantage: Expansive Network of Prospective Clients and Google Rankings

This may feel a little overwhelming, but posting consistently on more than one platform is essential for any business aiming for growth and resilience.

In addition to posting valuable content consistently on your website (which is #1 for building your brand and increasing your organic traffic), posting on a social media platform is the next best option. Social platforms are great because they have a big user base (ie. your potential clients are there) and they offer a huge networking opportunity.

LinkedIn, in particular, stands out as my preferred platform, especially now in 2024. LinkedIn is designed specifically for networking, accessing industry insights, and advancing careers, making it a key part of a strategic business approach.

The magic of LinkedIn is two-fold, the first is its extensive network, boasting over 774 million users across 200 countries and territories. In other words, your potential clients are on Linkedin learning and networking right now. The second advantage is that Google indexes pages and articles in Linkedin.

In other words, your potential clients are on Linkedin learning and networking, right now.

Meg Clarke

This article, the first of three in a series, will explore the necessity of an active social media presence, especially on LinkedIn, and will provide some easy to implement tips

Social Media + Business Growth

LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for content marketing within the social media ecosystem, attracting future influencers, authority figures, and professionals keen on engaging with substantive content.

However, making your mark on LinkedIn requires strategic navigation. Despite a comparatively lower daily activity rate among its users, over 82% of marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, indicating a highly competitive field where capturing your audience’s attention is paramount.

  • Expansive Reach and Visibility: With billions of active users worldwide, social platforms like LinkedIn offer businesses a broad audience. LinkedIn’s professional focus allows for a more targeted approach in reaching potential clients and industry connections.
  • Increased Engagement: LinkedIn and similar platforms enable direct engagement with your audience, promoting real-time feedback, discussions, and the building of meaningful relationships that are fundamental for fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Market Insights: Utilizing social media for market research and consumer insights can offer businesses a competitive edge. LinkedIn, with its industry-specific groups and content-sharing features, facilitates easy access to trends and competitive intelligence.
  • Focused Professional Networking: LinkedIn’s architecture is built around professional networking, making it invaluable for businesses seeking to establish industry connections and leads.
  • Content Marketing: LinkedIn provides a platform for sharing valuable content, helping businesses to position themselves as industry leaders and engage effectively with their target audience.
  • B2B Marketing Efficacy: Known for its strength in B2B marketing, LinkedIn is recognized as the most effective social media platform for lead generation and facilitating significant B2B transactions.
  • Organic Traffic: This is a biggy. Linkedin Profiles and articles are indexed by Google, meaning your content has 2x the findability when you post on your site and LinkedIn.

Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Presence

  1. Optimizing Your Profile and Page: Ensure your LinkedIn profile and company page are complete with professional imagery, thorough descriptions, and keywords relevant to your industry.
  2. Consistent Content Delivery: Engage your audience by regularly posting insightful content. A diverse content strategy including articles, infographics, and videos can help maintain your status as an industry authority.
  3. Interactive Networking: Build and maintain strong connections by actively engaging with your network through comments, messages, and endorsements. Authentic interactions can significantly enhance your visibility and strengthen business relationships.
  4. Utilizing LinkedIn’s Features: Take full advantage of the features LinkedIn offers, such as groups, LinkedIn Learning, and LinkedIn Live, to broaden your presence and provide added value to your network.
  5. Analytics and Adaptation: Monitor the performance of your LinkedIn activities with the platform’s analytics tools. Adjust your strategy based on content performance and audience feedback to improve engagement and visibility.

By weaving LinkedIn into your digital marketing strategy, you not only boost your brand’s visibility but also position it for meaningful professional connections and opportunities. Implement these strategies to maximize the benefits LinkedIn offers to your business.

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